Cyberpunk 2077 – Mike Pondsmith About the Cyberpunk World

City lights, fog, strangers passing by… Watch Mike Pondsmith, the creator of the pen-and-paper RPG Cyberpunk 2020® and learn about his inspirations for creating a dystopian metropolis of Night City.

CD Projekt RED is proud to collaborate with Mike and bring this city to life in its upcoming RPG – Cyberpunk 2077. The game will be set in the near future, in which advanced technologies have become both; the salvation and the curse of humanity. A multi-thread, nonlinear story designed for mature players (a CD Projekt RED trademark) will give players a chance  to freely roam the open-world and visit places well known from the pen-and-paper RPG “Cyberpunk 2020®”, including a combat zone completely taken over by gangs, the legendary Afterlife joint and the nostalgic Forlorn Hope. The video is also available with Polish, German and French subtitles.

  • I was completely stoked by it. Kudos to you

  • Roadmutt

    So will there also be a pen and paper gamebook / sourcebook for 2077?

  • Kordian

    Please Mike, we need Cyberpunk 2077 pen and paper. Mechanics of 2020 were perfect. All that needs to be changed is world history and technology. And it should be published in hardcover 🙂 As to CD project – you are perfect guys. Bringing Cyberpunk world on computers screens is something many people have been waiting for and I strongly believe that you are the Guys to do it.

  • Seeing Uncle Mike is one thing, but when you get audio you just realize that he is the friggin Barry White of pen and paper RPG. Speaking of audio – It would be awesome to hear Samurai “Chippin’ in” and “Never fade away” in the game

  • Wintermute

    Any plans about English and Spanish subtitles? Please…

  • Wisdom000

    I have been comparing your voice to Chocolate soaked in bourbon… a female friend was here for a bit and had a better description… a voice like whiskey and sex…  either way, Mike you need to be a prominent voice in the game… a combination pirate radio DJ who is also a fixer who assigns the character on missions… 

    • Master Drow

      In Fallout 3 there was the radio host Three-Dog. If that role exists in Cyberpunk 2077 there is only one choice of voice actor.

      • This needs to happen, Three-Dog gave such a sense of direction amid the chaos of Fallout III that the world was just, bearable to march on just one more day. In this world it seems that it would be more than a voice ad-mist the fog. It would be something of a movement. As far as a choice as I said Three -Dog needed to happen Mike in game kinda needs to happen. Looks good so far guys!

    • Mike’s voice is kind of like how I like to describe the guy from the band And One, and that is like passionate liquid golden chocolate sex with your ears. Seriously mike’s voice needs to be in this game. Unless he isn’t a good actor… I’m sorry but back voice acting irks me… That’s one of the reasons I play Fem Shep on Mass effect is because Bro Shep has a terrible voice actor.

      • mono

         heh, And One … here’s hope there will be something more along those lines (and along the lines of old Skinny Puppy and the like) for in game music than the slightly silly soundtrack they had for the trailer!

  • I know the game is slated as “when it’s ready”, so i wont ask the daft question of when that will be. Instead, what stage of development is the game currently at? Is it just in initial planning, conceptual stages, or are you beginning to get into production stages?

    • boskee

      According to CDPR CEO it was in conceptual stage in October 2012 (he was interviewed by TVN CNBC).

  • Sorry, the below was me, wasnt logged in.

  • lumber_jacck

    I totally agree with Mike, the feel is the most important thing in this game. And I have such a strong faith in this game!

    • Wintermute

      But a strong story is something that not should be forgotten at all, I would like to see a few professional science fiction writes as collaborators in setting up the story and fill it with creative and intelligent dialogue.

      Please not make it another The Matrix, I would prefer very intelligent and strong main characters, full of complex thinking and knowledge. After all, they are crossing the barriers of flesh by cybernetics and they can also avoid the slow learning and have a more exact and fast memory.

      Two first Ghost in the Shell movies are a good example of this, they even talk about philosophy stuff all time.

  • Xenomorph182

    I have met mike at a convention years ago when he hunted me down to sign my books, I agree, his voice needs to be in here on a major level.  Good man from the short time I had to visit with him as I was working as well.  I love the universe and am always looking to submerse myself in something much like this, I love the fact that it is up and coming as I was getting tired of the games I currently play to simply pass the time waiting for something else to come forward and blow them away.  CHEERS MATES and hope to see this action roll!

  • Leo2121

     This could be a great successor to Omikron Nomad Soul if done well. The open world game market is saturated by fantasy and post apocalyptic setting., it’s time for a change. Good luck!

  • The1stCyberpunk:D

    I’m working on an idea in the game of Cyberpunk 2077 and inspired by it. 

    I sent my idea and my CV to the CD Projekt RED, while waiting for their reply I keep building it. 🙂
    And I hope you’ll enjoy it, waiting for the game. In a month should be ready, but I nedd to talk to them. Hope I’ll receive a reply from them soon.

  • The1stCyberpunk:D

    errata corrige: need, not “nedd”…

    (freudian lapsus of Ned Ludd…?) 😉

  • From the nanosecond i heard about it my mouth has been watering! I played the pen and paper 2020 years ago and loved it. I cant think of a developer i’d trust more than cdpr – the witcher 1&2 were fantastic games. And the philosophy is spot on. Quality games for mature gamers.Kciuki 

  • javafiend75

    My heart skipped a beat seeing the old Cyberpunk logo again.  I grew up playing 2013 and laughed my ass off when I realized that it actually was 2013.  Where is my copy of Solo of Fortune, Mike?  BTW the Friday Night Firefight system was the best gun fighting system that was developed for role-playing.  Hope this video game hooks a whole new generation.  Thanks for all the great memories!

  • BrianDominic

    It is really great that it will give chance to freely roam the open-world.

  • Have been refereeing Cyberpunk 2020 for 22 years, I just can´t wait for the game´s release!

  • Rat

    I really hope it has a feel similar, though unique to Gibson’s Sprawl Series!

  • I’m not a player of the Cyberpunk franchise, I only found it today. However, I’ve been playing shadowrun for some time along with other rpg’s in similar environments. I’m looking forward to playing this game, I believe it’s great to have more works similar to classic titles like Blade Runner, AEon Flux, Ghost in the Shell, Shadowrun, etc… It makes great inspiration for my light novels that I’ve been writing.

    • James

      Ahh great games and movies mentioned here.
      If I remember right though, they were all based off of Cyberpunk.
      Blade Runner was the absolute best of them though for the gritty feel, violent undertow of sex and tech. I don’t cannot remember how many times I’ve watched it.

      If you took the magic out of Shadowrun, then you would start getting the feel for Cyberpunk, had GM that did that for the group I was playing with. That was one hell of a wild ride, he even had Silverhand in it on stage for us!

  • Michael

    The game needs to created to be free for all, to be able to attack or be attacked when ever, where ever, period. You should be able to pull you gun out and shot anything or anybody any time. None of that crap that the MMO “The Secret World ” pulled, that lost them most of their players. They had it where your gun was hung to your back, and you couldn’t pull it out unless you had a target npc. You couldn’t shot a wall, a stop sign, a car wreck, nothing. Trying to restrict players is what looses all mmo’s their market share, always has, always will. To have a first person shooter style hands on combat is what really works. IN THEORY, if you are worried about griefers, so what. The griefer can be marked with some type of dart tracker and glowing chemical that’s shot out of a security camera’s attached barrel, that see’s that attack, then while the griefer is glowing and all other players maps are tracking his movements, it lets the public know their is a criminal on the loose, and other players are free to kill without retaliation, and may get a reward.

  • CyberNut

    I hope to be teleported to the world imagined in William Gibson’s Neuromancer when I play this game. Cyberpunk 2077 seems riddled with references (or worse, appropriations) from Neuromancer. A lead female character sporting blade mods not unlike Molly Millions. Night City is unashamedly Gibson. All we need is Case, Tessier Ashpool and the Straylight Run.

    I’ll be booting up my Mass Neotek, putting on my ‘trodes to punch deck on this one!!

  • cystacae

    I had a serious question as to if the Cyberpunk 2077 is going to incorporate the mutagenic disease from Cybergen and how that affected the future of Cyberpunk 2077. Also will we run into the “ghost” of Alt Cunningham?

  • Stephen Meinhold

    no gameplay footage, none, zippo Nada – when i see some gameplay footage then i will comment.
    until then its just a fancy CGI advert.

  • Mont

    Cyberpunk was my favourite of the roleplays we played in my youth. Was absolutely fantastic… that’s why I’m disappointed to see who’ll be making it. The Witcher, The Witcher 2… horrible freaking games. (can only really say that about the witcher. Played that, had no further interest in the franchise) tedious playstyle, boring story, full of bugs. Something as wonderful as Cyberpunk needs a wide open worldspace, more sandbox, like the old Wing Commander Privateer cross Syndicate (the original). Cross Daggerfall… I really hope I’m wrong, I’d hate to see them try to get paid from a deep fanbase and put in a half arsed effort, linear nonsense with none of the fear or whimsey Cyberpunk holds.Truly hope there’s a coop multiplayer as well 🙂 Good luck Mike

  • Gunner

    I have played every revision of the game, and have many great memories of some of the adventures my friends and I have had in Night City. I can’t wait to see the game on the computer. Seeing Johnny Silverhand “retro” videos would be great. I will be buying it the second it is available for pre-sale.

  • John Merced

    Dude what a interview I never even heard of Cyberpunk intill today & after seeing this interview I’m going to learn as much as I can! And if CD PR makes a game as good as they made the Witcher 3 then will all be happy!!! Can’t wait to play this game hoping it comes out on XboxOne!!

  • This time, it’s war.

  • jseph1234

    This Game is very AWESOME!! Just been reading a little about Cyberpunk 2020 and its FRIGHTENING how true it may be.

  • outerheavenrevolt

    I’m excited about this game because I’ve imagined this kind of future since I was a child and I got to go walk around large cities seeing homeless people eat out of trashcans …I understand the theme before I’ve even seen what the game is . I just hope ift comes out sooner than we expect or at least some gameplay is released .