Making of the Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer

If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link to a very insightful behind-the-scenes material showing all the details and nuances that went into making of the Cyberpunk 2077 debut teaser trailer.

66 thoughts on “Making of the Cyberpunk 2077 Teaser Trailer

  1. I’ve never played The Witcher, and none of my friends have either, but I LOVE the cyberpunk genre and this game has a checklist of everything I want in a game. If they can pull it off, this will really be something special. This is now on my list of most anticipated games.

    I need to check out the Witcher.

    Also, I LOVE the slogan: “Coming: When it’s ready.”

    That’s bad-ass.

    • You should check those games out. The first one is a bit juvenile at parts, pushing the envelope for sheer shock value, but already shows perhaps the best “morality” system in a game in a long time. In fact, there is no morality. The game doesn’t judge you no matter how you choose. That’s all there is, choice and consequence.

      The second game improved in pretty much all areas, though I personally preferred the more gut-wrenching story choices in the first game.

      With all that said, I have no doubt that CD Projekt has what it takes to make a stellar game.

      PS. It’s also a company that I can wholeheartedly support. Their business practices are unlike anything I’ve seen before.

  2. The teaser looks astonishing, it ignites my imagination and although I have not yet seen any ingame screen, I’m hooked, because it looks like captures the atmosphere of Bladerunner and what I would imagine Neuromancer could look like from having read the book. I love it!

  3. Could you provide a high-res version of all of these pictures (including the one in the header of this blog entry)? I would really like to create some wallpapers out of them.

  4. You have made mistake, when bullet hit face, its ok, but if bullet hit body, what was covered clothes, this part is not ok, textile even not move, its not so bulletproof :D, looks like bullets just explode near the droid surface

  5. I’m given to understand that the trailer (which is absolutely gorgeous) is a “target render” for the quality of the in game graphics.

    My question is, is the new REDEngine3 going to make use of radiosity to achieve that?  As a physicist, I find the concept of radiosity — handling lighting by mimicking the way light actually radiates and reflects — extremely elegant in comparison to the typical piecemeal method of having to create different types of lights, and objects, and stacking rendering effects like SSAO and SSAI.  Radiosity adds realism, and more of it, to whatever scene it is applied to, instead of having to build realism out of carefully arranged bits and pieces.

  6. She’s gorgeous! Can’t wait for the game to come out.
    But please take your time and don’t rush it, I’m a big PnP RPG fan so I’m really excited about this.

  7. Have you guys seen the trailer with Mitch Murders track on it? Eerie! Make him do some music for this game, please! Youtube mitch murder cyberpunk to listen!

  8. yea the girl is cute is too bad she is suffering from cyberpsychosis.
    I used to play the pen an Paper RPG when I was a kid. Big Fan of the Game and the Genre… I hope you guys don’t mess it up. I used to play Street Punks all the time from the Solo of fortune supplement.
    it be cool if you could Road Rash (very cool game) it up with the motorcycles for inspiration check out anime Akira.
    I like games with lots of customization. give me options. let me make my own gang or organization or corporation lol.
    or maybe I would like to join a poser gang or be cop. or maybe be undercover agent.
    maybe I want be a corporate man working for Militech or Arasaka.
    Follow a Generic gang story arc for type of gang you make. then have special story arcs for joining The clowns, the bloodrazors and any other official gangs in the book. gangs or corperations cults ect.
    plus a pet pev of mine to avoid. Don’t fill my inventory with trash to sell. its not a game play element its a pain in the ass. only thing I want in my inventory is stuff im going to use.

    • of course it’s still happening. but my guess is that they’re entirely focused on making TW3… so the development of Cyberpunk will be much more slower because of that.

  9. What about some news about this game, guys? I mean, we all trust CD Projekt and know you guys will come out when there is something good to show, but come on, not even a single post in ages?

  10. Zauważyłem nawiązanie w Wiedźminie 3 do CyberPunk’a. Kiedy Ciri opowiada “Geniowi” o swojej podróży w czasie. Jej słowa: ” Ludzie stamtąd mieli w głowach metal, a wojny prowadzili na odległość, przy pomocy czegoś w rodzaju megaskopów. No i nikt nie jeździł konno, za to każdy miał mały statek powietrzny. Ech, trzeba było tam zostać”.

    Metal w głowach- prawdopodobnie chodzi o modyfikacje ciała.
    Wojny na odległość przy pomocy megaskopów- karabiny z lunetą jak na trailerze 2077?
    Nikt nie jeździ konno, za to każdy ma mały statek powietrzny- podobny do tego z trailera?

    Ciri wspominała o tym, że była tam pół roku. Niesamowite by było nawiązanie w 2077 do jej wizyty w tym świecie/czasie ! Albo jeszcze lepsze DLC do Wiedźmina z dodatkową misją dla Ciri podczas jej pobytu w przyszłości!!! Pozdrowienia z Bydgoszczy

  11. games not comeing out the last traller was fucking years ago and there has not been a facebook update or blog post in just as much time.

  12. For all that wonder, Witcher 3 is still quite fresh, and the devs are working on expansions. But the Witcher team is slowly being converted into Cyberpunk team. They saw that people were excited for this concept, and so they are “firing up the engines”. The game is in developement.

  13. Hi! So, it’s been about a year.

    Just wanted to follow up.

    See if everything was good.


    If you need anything just let me know.

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