Implementing Pen & Paper mechanisms into a computer game

At first glance it may seem that there’s nothing easier than creating a video game based on an existing RPG system like Cyberpunk® 2020. After all, we already have all the mechanics prepared and ready to use in the game. As simple as it sounds, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

The pen & paper game rules are designed to give players as much flexibility as possible. They are more like a set of guidelines which players are at liberty to bend to their liking. Improvisation, dropping rules or adding new ones is a common practice for pen & paper games. This principle applies not only to gameplay rules, like combat or skill tests, but also to character customization. Players are limited only by common sense, the agreement of the group and their imagination.

Video games, on the other hand, do not have that much flexibility. Every element has to be accounted for and carefully designed. Of course, modern AAA RPG games, like The Witcher 2 or the upcoming Cyberpunk 2077, can give the Player lots of freedom. But the underlying mechanics are adhering to very strict rules and if an action or option wasn’t implemented in the code, then the player will not be able to do it. The same principle applies to character customization – the player can do only as much as game allows him to. So if game designers decide that it is not possible to play as an ugly midget you will not be able to play one. Sorry Tyrion Lannister fans

This is why adapting pen & paper rules to video game is not as easy as it can appear at first glance. The flexibility of an in-person RPG has to be replaced with a strict set of rules. Every skill, attribute and game mechanic has to have a clear definition and place in the game. For example, the Cyberpunk® 2020 “Wardrobe & Style” skill governs the knowledge about the right clothes to wear, when to wear them and how to look cool even in a spacesuit. As you can see, this skill covers quite a big area of lore and can be interpreted differently, depending on the situation and the players. In Cyberpunk 2077 this skill has to be tied to a specific gameplay mechanic. And all of these  mechanics have to be clearly defined so they can work well with other elements of the game and, at the same time, be easy to understand for the player. After all, we don’t have a referee or game master to explain or interpret the rules as you go. And, to accommodate your curiosity, yes, we have some really cool ideas on how to present aforementioned skill in the game. Regrettably, we’re not quite yet ready to spill the beans

For hardcore Cyberpunk 2020 fans out there, twiddling with rules in such a way may seem like blasphemy. But rest assured that we are working very closely with Mike Pondsmith to ensure that the unique feel of the original, paper game is preserved intact. Of course we may need to change some things, add new elements or even drop the ones that simply do not work in  a video game (“Geology” skill anyone?).

Of course, the topic raised today is only the tip of an iceberg and you probably have tons of questions. Unfortunately, we are not ready to reveal more details at the moment. Nevertheless, we’ll be more than happy to read your comments so feel free to drop them below and stay tuned. When we’re ready, we will surely share more information with you. Be patient and remember: Attitude is Everything!

  • Carllorentzon

    Im very exited!

    I hope this turn out great

    • Pepe

       The excitement is palpable and I, too, cannot contain it.

      I used to spend hours upon hours weaving stories and role-playing in the CP2020 universe, alongside my gaming buddies.

      CD Projekt is a very capable studio that designs and delivers mature, modern RPG’s with that classic feel.

      Silverhand and Blackhand confirmed?

  • I’ve never player a pen & paper rpg… but I really want to know how it will be the modern combination of pen & paper rpg and computer one

  • I am SO excited for this! If it is made with the same quality of Witcher 2, then I am sold already.

  • T-Mont

    I really think it’s interesting to explore the idea of future society and I’m hoping this will not be only a high-tech-shoot out type of game, but one with some depth to it

  • Pangaea

    Sounds very interesting, especially the sandbox and P&P RPG info. If it becomes as good as the Witcher 1, you’ve hit the golden goose again. KUTGW.

  • Michał Karpowicz

    Awesome, can’t wait for the game!

  • looking forward to it the moment announced! godspeed team! day one pre-order

  • Michał Karpowicz

    RED, strengthen your team is possible, please! I want the game ASAP!  

  • I really can’t wait for this to come out! The only thing I’m really, really, REALLY hoping for is multiplayer, something similar to Borderlands.. Cyberpunk RPG you can play as a team with your friends would possibly be the single greatest thing ever made!

    • I agree! Would be cool play with friends, each one using a different class: while a decker hacks security, other one handles the guards of some corporation, very cool!

    • Hmm. No thanks. I believe that will completely shift the focus of the game. I don’t think that’s a great idea, especially after reading what Mike just wrote.

    • I dunno….I would much rather them focus on a strong lengthy single player game.

    • Wisdom000

       Multi-player… no…. 4 player co-op… awesome, especially the way its done in Saints Row 3, only with an additional 2 friends.  That way you can play it with your friends, but the game remains dedicated to the story and the open world free roam… and 4 players is the average for most table top game groups, so it works out perfectly.  But even if it were limited to one online friend in co-op it would be fine.

      • Marcin

         +1. PvP Multiplayer would be a waste of time with a game such as this. First and foremost – deliver amazing single-player game. Then perhaps think about coop (and if there will be coop – it NEEDS to support LAN gameplay – otherwise there’s no point, really).

    • E.S.

      Big NO to multiplayer. Amazing single player experience is paramount. If they include multiplayer, then it must be very unique. Not the boring traditional player vs player multiplayer. Maybe something along the lines of Demon’s Souls or Dragon’s Dogma if they truly must.

    • Vojtas

      We don’t need multiplayer mode. All story will go to hell. I want good story and time for personal reflection.

    • roofio

      hm i see a bunch saying no to multiplayer. i say just have both. keep the strong single player story but also allow for multiplayer… ya know like all the games everyone forgets has a campaign mode, like COD lol granted their campaigns are short…. still at least you can play single or multiplayer

  • Azka

    Good look ^^ Waiting for more!! 

  • Garram

    Your graphics are brilliant. You write great dialogue lines and your stories are good. But I’m very unsure as far as game mechanics are concerned. In Witcher and Witcher 2(!) there were lot’s of perks (and weapons, bombs, traps…) not working at all, working not as intended (according to description) or simply spare. 
    Fire all the guys responsible for game mechanics so far and hire new ones if game mechanics is really what you care for.

  • Janek Izdebski

    I want the game better than both “Deus Ex: Human Revolution” and “Syndicate”. 🙂


    What can I say,my dream game,Cyberpunk sandbox RPG,BRING IT ON!

  •  If you can do something near the first Ghost in the shell movie or BladeRunner, it would be soooo awesome !

  • I’m tired of playing as white dudes, please give me more choices.

    • Sickpriest

       YOU RACIST!!!

    • Jiggs

       Character customization would be nice

      • Ahchx

         yes, but it wont happend, this is how will be:
        posibility 1: only 1 male cyborg whit some dark pass and you will fight some corporation maybe, minimal customization.
        posibility 2: 3-4 selectable characters (maybe 1 female that will be the weaker but whit health skills) minimal customization.
        posibility 3: (will never happend) but hopes is the last that you lose: you will be capable of build the cyborg you want, gender, class, look, etc.

    • MassaFX

      I’m ok with any race, but gender… my wish is to be a woman (not er.. “weak” as Ahchx said), and I wish to be somewhat, ok completely, drop dead gorgeous. Why play an ugly character if you don’t have to?  🙂

  • Most wanted game of the forever. Seriously I´ve been waiting for a game like this since I was 12 and I´m 22 now 😀
    Btw, could you please release the background of this blog as wallpaper as well? I know there´s already the other version but the one you have here looks sick, too!

    • Jb0659

       Just right click the back drop and hit view backdrop

  • Zephyrielpsp

    I feel like Deus Ex HR has opened the Pandora’s box, with the upcoming Remember Me and now this Cyberpunk 2077. This is truly a great time for us cyberpunk fans!

  • Thyg

    Just wondering, will you be able to customize all the way down to gender? Since you don’t have that luxury in The witcher’s series.

  • Red

    Sounds great guys – I’d love to keep up on this blog, any chance of getting an RSS feed added for those who don’t social media?

  • Wisdom000

    What I want, what I dream about, is a sandbox game set in the Cyberpunk 2020 universe, 2077 is acceptable, with the character and vehicle customization of Saints Row 2, the map size of GTA: San Andreas, the Kung Fu and shooting of Sleeping Dogs, the ability to store, and organize, a tremendous amount of vehicles, and a story as deep and long as GTA4 or Sleeping dogs… having an huge number of weapons wouldn’t hurt either.

    In addition to character appearance, it would be necessary to give us options that reflect the roles.  Solo’s, Nomads, Medtechs, Fixers, etc…

    As the owner/author of Datafortress 2020, and the driving force behind the Interlock Unlimited project (a rw-write of the original CP2020 rules) I may be expecting more than possibly can be delivered, but I have been waiting for this game for 20 years, and now technology has advanced to the point where all of the above is possible.  Any assistance I can give I will be happy too.

    • Republicofatx

      Datafortress 2020 literally was cyberpunk online for longer than some of these chumba’s have been breathing.

      Thanks for keeping the attitude alive for us all those years man.

      • Wisdom000

        You are welcome, and thank you, thank you very much…

    • Anonymous

      Why would you want another bloody GTA clone in another setting is beyond me.

      • I completely second this opinion, I think this game would be terrible if it would be just another shoot em up type of game w just some weapons. I really hope you developers will look at Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines I know this is ancient to some but honestly I remember it being amazing.

      • Jasoncampey

         GTA was not an RPG.. This would hopefully be the fundamental difference.. The best thing about CP2020 was the character customisation and the pure coolness of the Tech

        • Sędziwój

          He want this world size, not game mechanism. I think Black Desert Online is better in size and complexity, and is sandbox rpg, is not as good in many aspect as Eve Online, but is casual friendly. It be good to have politics as it is in Eve Online. But more casual friendly.

      • DRGIZMO29

        I want  a hard gameplay, where you are not simply kill them up. the enemies are more powerful than you so you have to escape, or sneak in to kill them. but still, headshot is the best method to kill them with one shot.

        i just hope that it’s not an another GTA, i want a good story..

        • As you can see in teaser, sometimes headshot is not enough.

        • warforgedgord

          The point of cyberpunk isn’t having all your opponents be stronger than you. The point is to straddle the line between insanity and victory, outmaneuvering the punks who think they can frak with you. You see a cyberpsycho, you run chombatta.

      • markator

        When talking about other games and their ideas I guess it would be quite good to think about some kind of uncertainty in game, like in “Dark souls”.

        I mean that the player won’t see the stats, there won’t be no hud map and tips, no hp level indicator, no low-ammo alert. Thankfully it’s cyberpunk so he can buy some rare and implants that will help him but at first glance he will be lost in that world with just only some of the info…

        • Vulnus

          Cybernetics aren’t rare in the Cyberpunk verse you fool/

    • Scumofsociety

      Why am I not surprised to see you post here?

      I was hoping they’d say a bit more about whether they were just shifting 2020 to a more feasible time or just setting it in 2077 (i.e. after CPV3) with all that entails. In the videos posted Mike mentioned the 4th corp war but not V3 so maybe it’s some kind of rewrite of V3. I can but hope 

      • Wisdom000

         Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

      • Jasoncampey

         Hopefully 2077 isnt the predicted release date

    • Thank you for datafortress, it has been a boon to my PnP Games. Thanks for keeping the spirit alive!

      • Wisdom000

         My pleasure, and thank you…

    • E.S.

      GTA4 story was laughable. I’m confident that CD Projekt RED will deliver a more mature and interesting story that gamers will actually want to complete.

      • GTA is the most overrated, cliche P.O.S I’ve ever played. Please CDPR, do NOT look to Rockstar for inspiration in any way whatsoever.

      • DRGIZMO29

        i agree with you, sir. good story and hard choices will do 🙂

    • Scumofsociety

      Seems you can’t reply to a reply to a reply on a comment…this is no VFTE forum.

      On seeing you’re still up and running? Not a surprise but always nice.

      As for the “what will CP2077 entail?” question: I think I’d like to see re write of V3 but shifting the timeline to make more sense from our perspective in 2012. What with the pace of tech change, even if the V3 timeline was rewritten you couldn’t really have a gap of 57 years and have it recognisable. If you pushed the timeline back to have the 2020 events taking place in the 2060s for example that might look more feasible to your average punter who has little experience with the setting and allow a redevelopment of events after corpwar 4. MP mentioned the nuke and having “real estate to play with” in the videos but didn’t mention all the V3 weirdness so to me that seems possible. 

      • Jordan Carpenter

        There are periods in the history of every nation which exhibit little to know growth, reform, or development. Often lasting centuries. In terms of technology the advances made in western societies along with, more recently, China and Japan, over the last 50 years are very much the exception, not the rule.

    • Umi

      Please no. I don’t want another GTA clone.

    • Ironmagin

      Any one having any thing to do with CP would do well to seek Wisdom000’s advice. As a user of I.U. I can attest to it’s depth and intuitiveness. Thanks Wisdom.
      Been waiting a long time for this game myself and have high hopes. I’ll be in line the day it releases.

    • Gawdzila

      Blech. They already said in EDGE that they aren’t going for the “sandbox experience” in TW3, hopefully that design carries over to CP2077. I think it will — they seem very dedicated to story-driven games with deep characters. Sleeping Dogs isn’t a “deep story”, the whole thing is on rails and there isn’t a significant choice or even dialogue options to be found anywhere. I’m not saying it’s a terrible game, but it isn’t *anywhere* close to where I’d like to see CP2077 go.

  • Cyberbard

    I’ve never played pen and paper RPGs either, nor was I familiar with the Cyberpunk universe until you gave us a hint about the game back in May.
    I must say, however, that I’m already extremely interested. Considering what masters of RPGs CDPR are, I have no doubt this could be the RPG of the decade. Like I said, I know next to nothing about the universe – but so far I’ve gotten wonderful Blade Runner vibes. Mass Effect does this pretty well in indoor areas in ‘The Citadel’.

  • Serpentes420

    Please, please, please release this on consoles as well…pleeeeease! It will be a day 1 purchase for me just like the Witcher 2 enhanced edition was.

    • MassaFX

      I  concur. My laptop probably won’t handle this game. Console is my only option or purchasing a new PC. Hey, money is important and upgrading an old PC or buying a new PC isn’t economically smart. Consoles kind of evens the playing field, although control schemes suck compared to PC. Not to mention… no modding.

      • Sędziwój

        PC are not so expensive compare to console, if u use them to do more then playing games. And they not change so much as they did in past.

  • Topher

    So, will this game come with character customisation (maybe even the ability to play a female character?) and a good, fun combat system or is it going to be like The Witcher series?

    Also, will it be a sexist mess? Based on the half naked cyborg girl art, I’m worried it will be. I don’t hold the sexism against The Witcher, it fitted the setting and story, but there was only so much of girls wanting to have sex with the botched plastic surgery victim you could handle before it started feeling a bit ridiculous.

    • Ahchx

       jajajaj female playable character? on a CD projekt game?, you only will have luck whit saints row series and bethesda fallout/elder scroll series.
      (sorry for my bad english)

      • atomicturist

        Why not? In TW protagonist was male because Geralt happens to be, well, male. But if they wan’t to do AAA+ RPG with a universe of choices and possibilities not giving an option to play as a female would kill a lot of fun from the game. Other companies don’t sleep. They watch and they learn. And they can easily exploit such mistake. “Look. They are sexists. But you female gamers can play our gender friendly Elder Scrolls XXXX” So I think they will, and I hope they will include a gender choice”. Aren’t you all bored of all those male crypto gay characters and their ass in front of you?

        • Sędziwój

          I not see why they not add female character, is not witcher game. I think u play too much in TW

  • s r

    I’m one of those Cyberpunk 2020 fans you referred to in your post. I’ve played the original, still own the prime book, the american badlands boxed set, and several resource books. Back in the day, my friends and I had every single book on the market, we collated every weapon, vehicle, cybernetic, equipment, and so on into master lists.  I hope work is being put toward the feel of running a team with the combination of hackers and solos (plus others). Having one break codes while the other broke necks was great fun.
    I also hope there is work being put toward more non-combat oriented skills like you’ve mentioned. One of the great things Cyb2020 did was having so many skills that were of use for role-play like seduction – instead of beating up the guards a player could seduce one into “giving a private tour”.
    I’m eagerly anticipating this game and look forward to future news!

    • Console Cowboy

      Teams that broke down into functioning units. It will be nice to see The Net runs as *distinct* from the video game environment where they are like Escher paintings of a game within a game within a larger game. That’s the atmosphere of my Cyberpunk, rolling the dice and playing your part because the only option to stop rolling leaves you as parts for someone else. 

      When the player gets buy-in to that setting, you do not need a railroad. The players do it themselves.

  • hedzsooo

    Can`t wait!^ It`s sounds really good. 🙂

  • DeadboltDon

    I hope this is the dark gritty cyberpunk game i’ve been waiting for. I liked the new Deus Ex: Human Revolution, but the enviroments and augementations looked far to grand and sleek for my taste (Unlike the original). I wanna play around in a rough and edgy dystopia, not for the light at heart. Good luck my CDProjekt Choombas. 

    •  Maybe it’s just me, But whenever I read The Marid Audren trilogy or classic cyberpunk of that ilk (The Marid Audren stories being my favorite of the original crop of cyberpunk books) I never felt like it was a nightmarish dystopia to be honest.

      • DeadboltDon

        Hey i’m not saying the cyberpunk world doesn’t have ANY fancy or sleek environments. I mean it’s the future right? Some things should be cool. It’s just that most modern cyberpunk games as of late (DX:HR, Syndicate, etc.) have only explored what it’s like at the higher end of society. I guess what i’m trying to say is that i wan’t a cyberpunk game where we actually play as a cyberpunk. Not a corporate or government lackey. An actual punk. 

      • Jordan Carpenter

        Blame nueromancer.

  • Taylor_wm

    “Neuromancer” is one of my favorite novels and “Blade Runner” is still my favorite movie. Throw The Witcher series into the mix as two of my favorite computer games, and we’re talking some serious potential here!

  • Sweelssen

    I’ve been playing RPG’s since 1977 and thru the years one of my all time favorite settings is cyberpunk. The game system “cyberpunk” got it right. If your not sure what cyberpunk looks and feels like Watch the movie Bladerunner, one of the best cyberpunk movies. Its hard to get the feel of this type of setting in an computer game. Got to get a good storyline down.A good Cyberpunk setting is a character driven story set to a dark and struggling world where a person has to fight for hope of a better life. Add this to a good tech-tree of cyber progression for the character and of course plenty of action and fighting, you will have a great game. Not an easy job to do.

    • Console Cowboy

      THIS^^  AND ALL THIS ^^
      A good Cyberpunk setting is a character driven story.

    • Jordan Carpenter

      Or read Neal Stephenson….

  • We need a great Cyberpunk game and I think this should deliver!

  • Gawdzila

    I just hope that the sandbox gameplay doesn’t come at the expense of a deep, compelling story.  Of course CDPR has already proven with The Witcher that it can tell a great story and write a great script, so I’m honestly not worried.  Buuut…

    The most recent successful sandbox games are things like Fallout and Skyrim which feel totally soulless and dead, lacking any emotional involvement at all.  I have to harken all the way back to the Baldur’s Gate series to think of a truly free-roam game with good characters and a story that has any depth.

    BTW, I’ve loved the CP2020 setting for a long time.  It was one of the first PnP games I got into after D&D.  I’m no stickler for rulebook fidelity, though.  I think anyone must realistically acknowledge that a pencil, dice, and GM is a wholly different way to run a game that requires different approaches than a video game.  I want to know that I’m in Night City playing a Cyberpunk character, but I don’t care if you’re rolling d10’s to see if I hit.

    I do have every confidence that CDPR can pull it off, though.  Your willingness to make games for an adult audience, beautiful game engine, amazing art designers and writers, and the overall quality and attention to detail in TW2 makes me think that you guys have the right stuff to do anything.  Greatly looking forward to this game!

    • Ahchx

      “Fallout and Skyrim which feel totally soulless and dead, lacking any emotional involvement at all” WHAAATT? are you seriously? how much time do you take to see the events on skyrim?, there are lots of emotional stuff in there.

      • I didn’t feel any emotions at all.

      • Gawdzila

        Not in my experience, and I tried to get into it.  After all I went and paid for it, so I put some real time into that game.  But I mean, they have like 5 voice actors for the entire game — it just makes the whole world seem like it is inhabited by script-controlled mannequins, which it pretty much is.  Even your companions (i.e. pack mules) don’t have unique voices, or make any comments on the quests you do or people you interact with; they just repeat the same lines over and over as you walk through identical caves with identical puzzles on your 30th randomly-generated quest.  Even being married hardly changes the NPC at all, it just turns them into a shopkeeper you can harvest. Whatever story or thin characters that game has, they aren’t close to enough to mask the obvious robotic, impersonal code that controls them.

        • roofio

          mods man. mods have made both those games far beyond anything. to this day i refuse to beat skyrim… cause then the epicness would be over. ive had so so many mods put into it. so awesome.

          • Sędziwój

            So game is weak, mods are good. It not change, game is weak.
            I hope they look at mods for Skyrim and take best part from it.
            Game should be good without mod, mods tell if game lack of something. And is not only for RPG game.

      • Guest

        I was really disappointed in Skyrim. Bad game design, only looking ok compared to crappy Silent Hunter 5.

      • Jordan Carpenter

        Not really. I’ve been playing Bethesda games since oblivion, fallout and elder scrolls both, and enjoyed them for what they were: world fiction. World fiction is more about the cool setting, the weapons, and the general aesthetic than a character fiction, like the witcher, metro 2033, the last of us, or dragon age. Character fiction is all about people and what happens to them, not how fucking cool being in the nuclear waste or the wilds of pseudo-Scandinavia is, and how much fun action oriented combat is. Hardcore elder scrolls/fallout fans have been laughing at the story since the emperor of tamriel first opened his geriatric mouth in order to B.S. You about constellations. Most people I have met skip Bethesda dialog so they can get to the good part, e.g. Kill stuff, get loot. A game that is meant to have a major emotional impact isn’t going to let you nuke the first town you get to just for funsies. In a character driven game the player just wouldn’t do something like that, because in a game of that kind, wherein the death of a character is more impactful than
        “Mm. Bad luck chummer. I’ll miss you.”
        People don’t nuke whole towns…unless they’re playing the bad guys…

        That’s not to say world games are bad. It’s just as worthwhile a niche as character driven games, but trying to stretch one far enough that it has all of the positive attributes of another is, generally futile. After all, one of the best things about fallout was coming back to megaton as a high level character so you can shoot up the place in revenge for their killing of you when, as a level 2 character fresh from the vault, you saw the sheriffs coat and decided you just HAD to have it. If you had the option to casually slaughter everyone in d6 in metro, would you? I wouldn’t, too much guilt. I care too much about the Rangers as an orginization and about the individuals who’s stories I have heard or shared. It would make me feel genuinely bad. Fallout 3 never made me feel that way. I never felt bad about slaughtering Moira Brown, turning her into a ghoul, robbing her blind, nukeing her entire home town, or making incessant fun out of her, thereby ruining her life’s work. She’s an npc. Just an npc. Love it or hate it, it’s a robot, and sometimes that’s really great. It was fun to casually demolish her life while not once considering what I was actually doing in the context of harming another living being. I wouldn’t do what i did to her to my most hated enemy, but to me, she is not, and never will be, a real person.

        So…yeah, I disagree on the whole “Bethesda tells great stories” thing. Bethesda really only provides a framework, a world populated by paper dolls where you have to fill in the humanity portion. The thing about it is, most people never bother. i liked to create a persona for my character, an identity, moral code, whatever, and try to act within the bounds of the idiom that was my character. My buddy shot things with a rocket launcher and laughed ”
        cuz the baddies went kaboom, spatter, splat”. As a result he still loves them, and I, having adopted his aproach to a certain degree now get bored after hours of play, instead of minutes.

        My point is simply this:
        A.if you actually read this whole thing you need therapy, because even I think The guy who wrote this is a long winded jackass.

        B. Both varieties of game have their place, and incorporate some of the positive attributes of the other, but to say that niether performs better in its bailiwick than the other demeans them both. Elder scrolls isn’t the greatest story telling medium ever. But who cares? Hitting people with big swords is FUN. Dragon age didn’t generally make my adrenalin come a rushin, but it did get me involved enough with the characters and world to care deeply about the results of my actions, and feel for the characters in the same way I care about particularly well written characters in books.
        To my mind, that’s the difference.

    • Chassis

      I think you’ve overestimated technology. For someone to script a story out for you, they have to put you on rails and design your character for you… Otherwise, you being able to free roam and write your own story gives you the power to break theirs..

      You wont have both until technology gets to the point where a game that can write itself around what you decide to do naturally and creatively… We’re a long way away from that.

      Best to just stick to PnP it that is what you’re after. I’ll take free roam and use my imagination and write my own story ANY day over playing the equivalent of a doorless hallway and being forced to listen to cutscene after cutscene with my involvement in the game as an arbitrary afterthought…

  • Alistair Clough

    Cyber-psychosis is a great mechanic as a GM. To implement it in this medium would be super exciting. I would subtly alter the HUD to show civilian-NPCs as combatants escalating into seeing friendlies as enemy combatants also.
    I was thrilled to hear the recruitment drive I am still completing my ComSci degree so will bow to more experienced talent. Anything you need I’m in.

    • Console Cowboy

      THAT would be a mechanic far superior in computer interface than in social gaming!  A strength for any cyberpunk game to capitalize on.  Good call.

  • I think this could be a great idea: also here in Italy (which is a very little country with only few gdr players) there’s a lot of cyberpunk fans… and I’m one of them

  • Aamon_kud

    If solo play (best choise for a good storyline) would be awesome if there will be more than one main character. Cause if only one and i choose for example a nomad, all the gameplay will lack the netrunner net experience…don’t you think so?
    By the way, good luck for the project! I’ve been dreaming this game for loooooong time! Hit the sprawl guys!!!

  • Hidden

    YAY! This sounds great! Hopefully we get a bit more character customization now as well, including the option to play as a female. Though that would probably involve tripling or quadruppling the amount of physical communication scenes.. Male player + female NPC, female player + male NPC, then we’d also want female player + female NPC, because of that, male player + male NPC would be demanded by some players as well.. And I didn’t even start on trios or orgies here!

    • Ahchx

       no female, this company is not bethesda or Volition (saints row series), not many companies will take the risk to add that lvl pf player customization and expend money and time to adjust the main story to fit both genders, i dont have hopes to see “female playable characters” on this game, its a cd projekt game, not a fallout/elder scroll.

      This is my prediction.

      • Gawdzila

        Fallout and Elder Scrolls stories were not gender specific — hell, the game barely cares at all what sex you are.  But BioWare made Mass Effect fit both genders, I don’t see why CDPR couldn’t do it.  They didn’t do this with The Witcher because the story already had a protagonist and they were following the books, but this is their own story.

      • MassaFX

        As a gamerchic, I’m hopeful they will allow my gender to play the main character as a female. In addition to gender, character customization and uniqueness is something that, I believe, is critical for RPG’s. Not saying its the most important by any means, but it is important.

      • Even as a dude I REALLY hope for the ability to play as a female. I just can’t stand looking at a dude the whole time I play. Call me a pervert, but I like to look at an attractive female and hear a female voice. I also like dressing up my characters like some kind of Barbie… Or probably in my case.. Building a Bionicle. Which brings me to think about the consequence of modding myself with cybernetics. I don’t mind my character turning into a heartless human killer, but I am afraid of it being a death sentence to go psycho. I like the aesthetics of being a machine and that is what I want my character to be. I don’t want this to be the death of my character, but at the same token I still want a penalty in place… Maybe if I spend too much time around people I lose control and kill people? Also if being a machine means I can’t empathize with humans, does that also mean I can now empathize with machines? That would be really cool to kind of show how we empathize with our own kind versus something else. Like how humans don’t seem to empathize well with insect, machine can only empathize with each other? Sorry for the essay and going off topic. D;

  • Ross

    running an i5 with a 5830, think this will do the trick or you reckon ill need another upgrade? i think i will have a bit of a cry if i have to upgrade again

  • That you HAVE the “Wardrobe & Style” skill implemented is all I need to know. 

  • Denali

    Please tell me Rache Bartmoss survived in 2077… Some how, some way…

  • Cyber Blasian

    Will there be augmented prostitutes in this game? You can’t have cyberpunk without cyber chicks haha….I am ashamed -_-

  • Nihil

    This is so great news! realy excited about this. I´m a long-time p&p gamer and this make me want to scream YEAH! 🙂
    I just hope you get much better art/work done than in the original p&p game and stay on top of the technological advancement. Like CP2020 and SR had mobile phones of the size of a tablet nowadys 🙂

  • Sicra

    Have you tried the other way around? Putting digital real-time games on tabletop? I have, it’s at least as challenging if not moreso 😛

    ANYWAY, looking forward to this. With your merits I am vibrationally excited about all this!

  • Hopefully they will go into more details regarding the timeline. Will it be a direct continuation of 2020 into 2077? Will it follow CPV3 or ignore it? Will it totally rewrite the timeline so 2077 is the new 2020 tech wise? After the V3 uhm issues… I am wary of RTalsorians ability to deliver game I would like to play.

  • Jimm57

    cyberpunk fallout would be great

  • I want a smallish sandbox world or maybe several areas that are packed with life and detail. Lots of gadgets. Nudity, violence, mature and complex themes – everything CDPR is good at. 🙂

  • PolAndRock

    You are doing a great job! CD-Projekt Red is true saviors of hardcore gaming. I love you guys, start pre-order as soon as you can so i can give you all my money KURWA!

  • Tnoyce

    I definitely would prefer a good single-player campaign, rich in story, experience, environment and interaction. 

    Multi-player (with the exception of local LAN co-op), does not interest me in the least.

    Having played some (but not finished) Witcher and Witcher 2, I expect CDProject to get this one ‘right’, and truely hope I am not disappointed.

  • RexFeryl

    I’m a hardcore pen & paper gamer and a video game junkie. CP2020 is one of my favorite systems and I’ve been waiting what seems like forever for CP2020 and video gaming to mesh. CP 2077 sounds like its gonna be awesome. What I’m hoping this game will offer is the ability to customize the character as much as possible, right down to the clothing styles, look of his weapons and the look of his cyberware (you want super chrome or armor on that cyberarm, choomba?). Multiplayer online play certainly isn’t needed. But “couch” team play with your team sitting right next to you helping you take down the bad guys would be cool. Maybe up to 4 players ?  I know that’s a lot to ask when you add in the ability to customize each character, but if you’re gonna make a wish, make a BIG wish, right ?  

  • Guest

    I am curious as to how the internet in 2077 looks like. I have some ideas though. The internet would be made to simply work, with security in general being sort of a joke, with the internet having become a warzone so to speak. An arms race and evolving hardware and software have everyone at their toes.

    Also, I imagine the data terminals to have the capacity of electrocuting the people that fail to hack the terminal properly (for gaining a deeper  access to the networks, by temporarily fooling the security measures around the terminal hardware). This would only make sense if the user was forced to be hardwired into the terminal and being near it

  • Wisdom000

    I really think the game should start the character off as a nomad, entering the city from the wastelands for the first time.  This will allow the character to be seeing the city for the first time along with the character, which will make tutorials and getting the history not seem as forced and out of place like it does in so many games.

  • A dream come true !! I was waiting for a video game based on Cyberpunk RPG Pen & paer game for ages !! Hope to like the final product because the task is not easy ….Keep us posted soooonnnnn..can’t wait for this !!!

  • mewtwo420

    What I want is Cyberpunk 2077 to be partially influenced by the Fallout originals and New Vegas.

    Deus Ex was just “ok,” I don’t like being forced to play an already made character.

    Personally I’m excited about this project and has shot to the number one spot on my want list.

  • doctorstrange

    I hope this game takes a lot of inspiration from authors like William Gibson and Orson Scott Card.

    Also: for character customization options, cargo pants and chuck taylors are a must! 🙂

  • Taxalot

    I just hope that a PERKS like system, similar to the one in Fallout, will be implemented.

  • Skeith

    I don’t understand much this pen and paper thing. I never played that kind of games.
    What does it mean for us as video game players?
    I understand it involves a lot of dice roling, but what else?
    How will that influence gameplay? Will it be real time? Will it mean there will be a lot of randomisation for action in the game?
    Player press “Open door”, “dice roll 4” “not enough, door stays closed”?
     There seem to be guns, does it mean that if I shoot, my hit is dependent on dice rolls and not player skills?
    I’d just like a general idea of what I am in for.

    • Sweelssen

      Before tablets and laptops, even before the home computer’s(commador-64 or coco3 from RadioShack,Apple-II).Even going further back before Artari2600,Intellavision and Celecovision,There was table top pen and paper gaming.All current PC and console games have their root dating back to pen and paper games which started getting popular with the early 1970’s college student gaming groups.The two most popular pen and paper games at this time was Dungeons & Dragons and Traveler-(scifi setting).You kept track of everthing during the game session while sitting at a table with your friends by pen and paper.We had to write everything down back then…ugh,grunt,snort. No typing involved.This type of gaming allowed for unlimited amount of imagination between the Players and Gamemaster who both weren’t constricted by how powerful your computer was,available hard-drive space or internet connectivity problems. As for dice rolling that  depends on how video game developers want to handle this process of success at a task during the game.  Nothing beats tabletop pen and paper gaming with friends.But there are alot of fun PC games out on the market today. I am hoping this cyberpunk game will be one of them.I hope this reply  answered some of your question Skeith.

  • Can’t wait for it, guys. I just have a strange feeling , that you guys know what you are doing 😉 

    Keep at the good work, but please, don’t push the technology too far.

  • Vlad2001

    I play the fantasy MMO AIon, and I find the example cyberpunk skill “wardrobe and clothes” an interesting choice.  I’m a MMO thats a skill that can literally be left to the players..(I’ve participated in Aion fashion show where players had modifed the look of thier apparel mixing and match different armor pieces and using dyes to create a “signiture look”.  all I ask is a huge sandbox.  You folks have a heck of a task ahead of you.  The one thing I ask is that you do away with “levels” the more traditional MMO’s have and most importantly that the MMO ai characters/mobs follow the same rules as the players.   

    You folks can create the world easily ’nuff.. making it work is going to be more difficult..

    Best of luck, and I will be looking on in interest.

    • Scumofsociety

      Cyberpunk 2020 didn’t have levels so I’d be surprised if they had levels in the game.
      You can increase your skills though, a bit like in Oblivion (i.e. you use it and it slowly improves).

  • atomicturist

    I hope thay the developers forget about literally everything that has anything to do with v3 edition of Cyberpunk. Datacrash, altcults, magical cyborg making rings and nanocities. And no lasers. Please. Lasers suck. Really. 🙂 

  • I really think that one powerfull tool for making it better is a really nice Alpha and Beta time,with Close Beta system(I really would love to test it), and get the feedback from the community.

    • Sędziwój

      Alpha and Beta is too late to make big change, core mechanism are created and only can change switch or fix bug, nothing more. And u want free play 😛

  • Welcome back mike. We’ve missed you here

  • hyborian

     i hope xcoms sucsses means u will be going turnbased combat

  • Globalmsg

    Couple remarks from mature Cyberpunk GM:

    As for the timeline, yes Mike you are right it is
    continuum, so why not to start in 2020 and finish in 2090 and to allow players
    to select the time brackets to play in? That would be something! You know how
    sensitive GMs and players are to the settings environment. I bet dollars
    against nuts that there will be people that will eat you alive if you will go too
    far away from the 2020 which must be the base.

    This is an uberchallenge to create the sandbox
    environment for the Cyberpunk project (The Game).
    With all due respect, please do not use the Witcher 2 as an example of advanced
    world generation, which is good for short novel based game.
    If you do it you will fail miserably and you have one time headshot.
    Witcher comes from a world described by one guy – Andrzej Sapkowski.
    Cyberpunk is a system world developed by thousands of GMs – I am one of them.
    (Mike you and RTalsorian Corp have done a great job though to sum it up).
    At least use something similar to Fallout 1/2 or Menzoberanzan ect. in terms of
    randomization and world generation or better create a brand new quality.

    Cyberpunk does not need explicit graphics engine as in
    the Witcher 2 – to create a really complex world with this imaging quality
    would require a really Corporate / Small Country Budget. The mood, the world,
    the quests and gameplay design is far more important. And of course the
    mechanics. (Guys I have started with MUDs and it was fun though!).

    For me personally and lots of players I know it may be
    little more graphically advanced than the Fallout 1/2 but with most advanced
    world mechanics complexity, interactions and AI, so make the (black) market
    economy with deep classes division, the stock exchange with inside traders, the
    corporate world interacting with politics and crowded, stuffed with corps,
    cops, hookers, boosters, jockeys, pushers really vivid streetlife, chaotic
    boostergang areas, and sterile coporate suburbs and facilities, and nomadic
    wastelands outside urbanised areas.

    Please do not throw heroes at us as there are no
    heroes today so there will be none in 2077. I may have heard of Johnny
    Silverhand as a netrunner but it is meat as any other.

    Imagine the information flow – now its 2012 and we
    have petabytes of info generated daily, imagine 2077. Information Everywhere –
    Screens, Tablets, Pads, Radio, fed directly on my lenses. Even in the bathroom
    you will shit information providing you are not a nomad and you have access to
    running water facility.

    And for gods sake, use the game as an interface to
    bring the cyberpunk community back together, I am crying when I read “The
    web address you entered could not be found” where good CP repositories
    used to be.

    Why not to create a simple online interface to allow
    players to play classic Role Playing Game sessions in one of the pubs of the
    NightCity. We have now voice and video transmission in any skype connection so
    why not to use it inside The Game. It would be even better if (as an GM’s
    option) task completion could be chosen from The Game as a part of the session with
    teamwork possible. I am not talking about MMO cause only young punks have time
    to play it but a small teamwork will be nice and/or simple custom task generator
    for the GM. This may give you a market success and long term commitment of the CP

    As for the cyberspace, you can use real world accounts
    located in the NightCity but it would be even better to use real geography as
    it is and will be universal.
    Regarding the information flow, why not to feed The Game with the external
    webpage to provide controlled news content or even the sandbox variables?
    And remember – The net is vast and infinite!

    Am I a genius? No, I am just the Cyberpunk Game

    Generally when you make a game basing on a book there
    are book constrains attached to it. The book world is flat and declared. RPG
    system is completely another beast!

    You must be really innovative to cope with this or
    die trying.

    Should you need more advice, please let me know then I
    will come to Warsaw any weekend and provide you with a classic RPG session and a bag
    full of more ideas.


    • Console Cowboy

      “Generally when you make a game basing on a book there are book constrains attached to it. The book world is flat and declared. RPG system is completely another beast!
      You must be really innovative to cope with this or die trying.”

      This s’truth. And I will give you another hit off the pipe: LIFEPATHS. That’s the key right there. Roll’em up for every character and have an Easter Egg to tie-in to the main story for every probability, every main character. Do not leave this ingredient for DLC. That would be an incomplete game.

      Hire yourself a real creative writer; one who knows what the frack a tabletop Blue Booking session is. DA:Origins came about as close to that IP as any yet. Cyberpunk 2020 owns it. Use it, meat. Work it.

      • CPGM

        Hello Cowboy, the lifepaths is great idea but I am afraid it would not be realistic to create the full life cycle path for each player archetype.It should relate to a player card creation in the PnP system where you declare in details your background.
        For example if you would like to start as a 25 years old man you have to declare your past:
        1. First the class so If you are a nomad you would likely not finished your higher degree so no chance for any corp position (except from waepon testing or experiment subject ect.).
        But it has to be considered if you became a nomad e.g. as expelled from the society netrunner?
        If you are a solo, a former soldier ora cop, certainly no chances for netrunning skills.
        2. Each time you have to declare
        your family status, education, major event in your life and former career, skills and abilities.
        3.A great deal of balancing has to be put over here for game creators not to finish with hordes of solos running across the nightcity.

    • zalen990 .

      WOW dude I almost fell off my chair. Why aren’t you working for Cd project red? if not why not already its now 2014.

  • Cyber Blasian

    If this game has customizable characters as well as the option to pick between male and female then it will be an instant buy for me.

  • Sweelssen

    I wonder what kind of color scheme they are going to use in this game. Will it be a washed look like
    Fallout3 or Deus Ex. Or more vibrant colors like in Mass Effect3. 

  • Massa FX

    Can anyone recommend a free resource that I can access to get familiar with CyberPunk lore? Thanks!!

    • Console Cowboy

      Not unless you are prepared to read.
      Start here: 
      There are lists of resources you can follow up on your own and knowledgeable people you can pester, if you must.

      There are many cybergrrrrls there.

  • guest.

    For me, the best way to keep the essence of the game in a pc rpg setting is to allow for a totally dynamic world. No predefined story. Give the actors of the world their character traits, goals, dreams, etc, throw the player in the middle of all of this and see what happens.

  • Davidmil23

    Just please put alot of gadgets and cyber implementations sorry if my grammar is bad english is not my native !! <3 😀

  • cybercyber

    will be interesting which classes you wil have in the  game!

    The classes in 2020 are cop, dealer, nomade, rockster….would be cool to see many of them in the game 🙂

  • CPGM

    Hey Mike,
    You see now, it’s 110 posts thats rarely treats about the subject: How to implement PnP into the cyberspace.
    I told you do it right from the beginning – create a professional forum with time stamps, moderation, groups subgroups or even collaboration platform or it will fail to provide meaningfull feedback.

  • CPGM

    Hello Cowboy, the LIFEPATHS is great idea but I am afraid it would not be realistic to create the full life cycle path for each player archetype.It should relate to a player card creation in the PnP system where you declare in details your background.
    For example if you would like to start as a 25 years old man you have to declare your past:
    1. First where were you born and native class or gained class.
    2. Class Details: For the class so If you were born as a nomad (native class) you would likely not finished your higher degree so no chance for any corp position (except from weapon testing or other experiment subject ect.).
    But the education has to be considered if you became a nomad e.g. as expelled from the society netrunner? (gained class)
    If you are a solo, a former soldier or a cop, certainly no chances for netrunning skills ect.
    3. Each time you have to declare
    your family status, education, major event in your life and former career, skills and abilities.
    4.A great deal of balancing and cross class paths possibilities has to be put over here by game creators not to finish with hordes of solos running across the nightcity.

    As you said, a good writer is required over here to declare all the contraints and create at least a pool of possible events but also a designer to create the statistic:
    It would be even greater to create a special emulator over here that would calculate your basic stats from your life backgroud. E.G. if you spent 15 years on a desert as a nomad certainly your strenght and agility is superior to every corp office clerk so e.g. 0.25 to strenght and agility for every year spent as a a nomad during the last 10 years ect. Living as a boostergand member is maybe equally exciting but booze, drugs and hookers certainly do not influence your physical perfomance in a positive way. But certainly you will know how to cope with baseball bat, knife or even razor blades and firearms. So 0.15 to strenght and agility and -0.15 to intelligence for every year spent as a boostergang memeber during the last 10 years or so. Wha do you think?

  • Felipeletsgo

    Hey CDPR…I have a request, can you make a forum for cyberpunk2077? So we can discuss the game more openly?
    I mean, I know its 2013 but I refuse to use facebook and twitter

  • A. Nei

    Yeah, totally agree with the article.

    Unlike the p&p games, a videogames is limited by the code programers writed in the game. For that reason  the developpers must think carefully what they want (and can) put in the game, every gameplay mechanic has to be thoroughly revised before finally implementing them. Same goes for all the content (missions, npcs, implants, weapons, shops, pubs etc.) btw.

    Another important point would be that not every mechanic can be implemented right off the bat or even totally implemented. A (fast and inaccurate) example would be spells like Teleport without error or the one that let you create a plane for yourself (don’t recall the name of the spell) in D&D or Thaumaturgy Paths like Path of Conjuring in Vampire The Masquerade (not to mention Ars Magica or Mage The Ascension).

    Thanks for the article and i hope the game turns out as great as i hope is going to be. Not every day is in development a cyberpunk rpg game made by the makers of The Witcher series.

  • frontsideblunt

    implants, implants, and more implants! 
    Dead guys are parts.
    I need to be a Fixer.  I deal in information.  I hope this game gives fixers something to do that is true to their roll.  Not just go get information for an NPC.  I’d like to obtain information for player characters to purchase from me.  Maybe something that would help them complete one of their missions.  It’s going to be tricky.

  • Cybersmily

    First off, awesome to see this game is getting developed. Hearing the news made me dust off my books and got the juices following again for some dark future action. It is going to be interesting to see what sources are going to be used. IMHO CP2020 material is a better source than CP203X (sorry Mike). I did like the concept of the net in 2020, even though it had the feel of an old D&D dungeon crawl. Th nanite stuff from v3 was interesting as well. So can we old timers look forward to things like the bad boys in black(aka Arasaka) or a posse of bozos wanting to frag your hide on the streets of Night City or will it be Alt cults? I prefer the latter but will buy the game no matter what to get my chrome fix

  • Ambridge young farmers club

    I so hope Mike and Co bring out an updated tabletop RPG alongside.

  • John

    Never hear of the pen and paper game that cyberpunk 2077 is based off of, which I think brings a relevant objective that wasn’t mentioned above ( cause the article is written pertaining to the pen and paper game being turned into a video game and not about people unaware of it).
    That they also must work for the other angle of making it easy for an audience unfamiliar with te 2020 setting to feel at home.

  • Lictorsword

    If WH40K managed to do a successful transition of a tabletop game into a good RTS. This should be no problem. The concept is refreshing  and extremely cool and the generally rich backstory and fluff of a table-top game gives this game lots of potential. Waiting eagerly for this one.

  • Felis

    For me Cyberpunk was always first and foremost  about style. It would be nice if you took a page from Cryptic Studios book and made characters and possibly weapons/gear really customisable. What if I don’t want to carry Kendachi MonoKatana like everybody else and want carbon-ceramic micro serrated black longsword that cuts as readily? 😉

  • Chrome Addict

    I used to play the pen and paper game as a kid, and I really see that game as an integral part of my formative years.  The whole idea of fighting to maintain the human amidst massive changes to the opperative norms, nature vs. industrialization, family vs. company, human vs. chrome.  The whole idea of cyberpunk was defining the human in a world that was essentially not, putting style in a world of power, applying changes to culture based on news or music, and finding one’s “life” intimately caught up in the corporate drama that unfolds.  This last part is where I see this game going.  All the style points and touches I could easily advise the game makers how to put in, but integrating that into the corporate drama is really where this game should go.  Combat should not be the focus of this game.  But it’s integration is necessary.  The presentation must be done with an eye on the horrifying inhumanity that even necessary violence brings, and the rebuilding that must come after.  I believe this is the game to to it.

  • David Subscriptions

    What I’m hoping for is Cyberpunk 2077 allowing old P&P players to build and run their custom campaigns together, without the tyrany of distance / getting a couple of days away from our families to do a run / fighting over source material.

    It’s hard to express the level of anticipation here …

  • Ruber Eaglenest

    However, Player customization and character creation is really important in Cyberpunk, so you can’t do the same thing you did for The Witcher. So if players in a invented Game of Thrones RPG by CD Projekt wants to play as an ugly midget, you must do it, if not, then there will not be a great game of Game of thrones. So the same goes for Cyberpunk. Hope it has a great character creation phase.

  • Abel

    i would love to see a story with a lot of plot, surprises (high tech gear included) and see how future human/cyborg think about relation ship.and it’s always fun to fight a gigantic tyrant empire full of awesome gear.

  • Lordkangarew

    I wanna know how I get in on helping make the new 2077 🙂

  • $iLver

    Dystopia was a great concept for a game but noone cbf’d to read how to play it back then, especially decking (hacking) which was a game within a game of sorts.

    May ye developers be inspired from great archetypal cyberpunk such as Blade Runner, Dystopia (game), Burning Chrome/Neuromancer (William Gibson). 
    I am sure you are already aware of these fine cyberpunk media…

    Decking/Hacking will hopefully be awesome in this game…

  • NZQ

    Here’s an idea: The way you gain experience in the game and the type of missions/stories you accept depends on your role selection. Differemt kind of game for different players

  • Sam Brown

    I’m a raving fan of the PNP game, and the mechanics have nothing to do with it. The feel and the stories of C2013 (or C2020) were what grabbed me; looking back I can barely remember the mechanics.

    I do recall the ambition of Friday Night Firefight to be a system that reflected the fumbling nature of a realistic firefight, and felt like it did a solid job of that. And that the guy with the reflex booster could consistently pop the fumbling realistic mooks while they realistically missed most of their shots.

    I picked the 2020 book up recently and was shocked and just how much Mike had gotten right about the shape of the future. We now live in a world where an AI’s twitch crashes the stock market, the euro outvalues the dollar, and just the other day, well, just the other day…

    I’m on site, setting up a device for the “Reality Capture” department of a corp, when I see these:
    …across the room. Cyberleg farings. In 2013. 

    Chalk up one more for Mike’s score.

  • Gabo01

    Please PLEASE PLEEEEEEEEEEASE do not make the horrendous mistake that Microsoft did with Shadowrun, it converted an awesome setting to a rpg game in a lame shooter without understand what it was. 

    I hope you make this one memorable, at least as long as Planescape or baldurs, that give me hours and hours of fun. 

    Actually even “long” stories as Mass Effects, tends to look short to me. Keep the story open so you can feel the difference of the differents roles and skills. 

  • Story will need to be a key part of this gamewhere the main story line is detailed and of decent lenth with the includtion of many side story quests.  Witcher 2 has a good story line but it was way too short and the sidequest didn’t have that good of a story.  Bethisda’s games don’t have much in a main story but at least the side stories were good.  I’m honestly homing for a good story and decent controls which I’ve been missing for near a decade

  • Rsawr


  • Ethemos

    This is my childhood dream come true !
    So many hours both playing and gamemastering Cyberpunk 2013 – 2020, got all the extra books. Yeah I’d hate to be you guys trimming it all down into one game, but I’m sure what ever it turns out as, its gonna be worth all the time I will be spending playing it 😉

  • WhiteZombie

    Mechanics are negotiable. What is core for me in playing pen and paper is making my choices as a character feel distinct then another character. If I want to be a smooth talking techno banker then I should be able to buy and talk my way into and out of places. If I am a hacker type then by all means I want to subvert the cleaning drones to to attack the night guards with brooms. I should be able to start the game picking skills and using them and then start another immediately with different skills and accomplish the mission differently then my first. As long as the bridge between character choice in skills/class/ability effects the world distinctly then my immersion will be a 1000 fold drawn in as I explore your game.     

  • Bully

    I got an idea that this game will have the 2020 feeling and some aspect of the 2020 and it will be more than what we ask for

  • Andy Garza

    Yay for Cyberpunk! Soooo Happy about Mike Pondsmith working on the project. I’ve also been waiting roughly 20 years for this game and feel safe with Mike working on it. 

    I’m also pleased to read about you guys trying to stay true to the original rules as best as possible. It’s an emotional time for me these last few days! 

  • Gabriel Vsobreira

    What is important is the story. But in a RPG story, the progress of the characters means not a improvement. See vampire: the masquerade, the characters fights for the inner humanity, the only thing that can save them from the inner beast.

    Like in vampire, cyberpunk context is a dark and declining society where the principles of community are corrupted. Fight for inner humanity always shows up as a fighting for the others and that is the secret of paper and pen games: every gamer plays for yourself but fight for the others.

    So, if you want to impress a real pen and paper gamer, you have to put a personal goal that is unreacheble without a litle help of friends, and to help yourself you have to help them. Something greater have to occur and that is the final bound to tight that friendship. And them, the nemesis shows his face. The plot is important. The nemesis has to be so danger as the plot he created is complex. The characters has to feel themselfs as pawn trying to go out of the chess. Useless. They have to understand the game, change the rules, discover the secrets and become a player instead of a pawn.Mix themes in a plot is good. A plot may mix political themes with religious views, ideological proposes and personal feelings.And sex. Put sex in this game. Durty, impersonal almost unhuman. Discover the other is the discover of the love. In a declining society there is no place for love, or there is?

  • Man, I can´t wait to put my hands on it… Being a GM for almost 10 years in my CP2020 world just made me more anxious about it… like others have said, it´s like a dream becoming true, right here in front of me. 

    When Mike Pondsmith came to Brazil, in 1998, I had the honour to meet him in person and talk to him. At that time, I was working in the translation of “Blackhand´s Street Weapons 2020” with a local publisher, but it didn´t kick-off, and the project was abandoned. My souvenir of that time is my autographed translated book (I can honestly say it´s the only one in the whole world!!!) that hasn´t come out!I beg to mr. Mike Pondsmith and the CD Projekt Red Guys not to mess it up… the legion of paperback RPG and the other cyberpunk enthusiasts all want a great, a terrific game, possibly the best game ever made, built on the structure of a very well known world, a world we love, respect and spend much of our lives on it!

    The very best wishes to you all, and let´s kick some punks! The AV-4 is awaiting us!

  • Hi, I would like to pre-apologize for my English but I am from the Czech Republic, I’d say that these are all great ideas, but if possible, I’d like to see in this game a wide range of options. For example, a huge amount of editing characters, possibility to edit their own housing, lots of equipment, lots of opportunities to drive vehicles, and also that it had a very deep storyline with multiple endings storyline. To be more ways to change your mind on something like Call of Dutty Black ops 2, or Dragon Age, etc. ..I would also like to be able to have a wide range of character upgrades, the mechanical hand, up to some extreme paraphernalia such as a switchblade knife from the wrist. If the yield of what I mean.And I have to remark that for this game very pleased. A great trailer with excellent music.Perhaps I have a little vnuknul an idea, and if you have any questions, I’d like to see them. Thank you that you take the time to read my post.Your greeting waiting fans.Use Google Translate

  • The real trick will be to fully flesh out the different classes. I don’t mean just play style, but progression and goals. A Solo will be happy with mean gear, cash, and a rep of a machine of doom. Those who play a Corporate won’t feel complete unless they can get an armored luxury vehicle with a driver, goons on call, and a nice shiny office to call their own. A Fixer’s player would love to be able to build up a list of contacts, transact deals, and possibly stake territory. A Nomad’s would want to be able to interact with his “tribe”, bringing them equip and vehicles and see their situation improve. A well laid out hacking interface, aka Shadowrun for Sega Genesis, would be a dream for Netrunners. Having a single set of story goals/rewards for all classes, though much simpler, would not do the Cyberpunk legacy justice.

    • Console Cowboy

      The LifePath would take care of the homogenized story goal problem, even while the game has a central plot.

  • Brognor Lightbringer

    I hope this works. I love RPGs in PC, and I love PnP RPGs. This is a very good idea I had too for many years though I am not a game developer so I couldn’t do anything 😛 Skyrim in future would be awesome 😛

  • Fluff fan

    I would like if the game could take actual newsfeeds from twitter or something similar that deals with cyber security and refer to it in a historic manner. Also for us old time pen and paper people I want the option for major fluff or backdrop fiction that is updated regularly to keep the game fresh and allow some downtime if you do not want to be engaged in the full action.

  • ligan

    just don’t make it so I can only play a police officer!

  • GeoBoy

    “Of course we may need to change some things, add new elements or even
    drop the ones that simply do not work in a video game (“Geology” skill

    Dear developers, as a geologist i feel personally attacked by this statement 😉

    (but ill get the point)

    PS. Cant wait for more Intel

  • koguma

    We need a real forum, this long list is unending! 🙂

  • Demos

    A bit of blade Runner (1997), a bit of Deus Ex (first one), a bit of Syndicate, all your talent…

    Most important, the possibility to build a team.

  • Enigma

    Cyberpunk 2077 Like “Blade Runner” Incredible
    why stop there?
    Mix in Deus Ex (Every Version) Terminator, Robocop, A.I.,A.D. Police Files and countless other Cybernetic game or anime and put it in a world like Grand Theft Auto V with The Witcher 3 and Skyrim and others I did not mention,combine them together and you get:

    Cyberpunk 2077 This is the game we will soon play with,in this depth possible more, just like Grand Theft Auto V will have enhancements later on after the game is released and like Metal Gear Solid: The phantom Pain is the First Ever “Sandbox game”

    These two games will revolutionize how games will be created for Next Generation Consoles.

    I play cyberpunk 2014 pen&paper since the age of 15 now at the age of 40 Now it is our time Yes My Generation X All of us who played countless games through out a lifetime will agree with me on this:
    It is Now the Time that we as gamers that once dreamed of a mature title not an E,T rating but an M or A Title to be released for this time Thanks to the Announcement of the Next Generation Consoles.

    Games that will be developed based on pc games,
    and written and worked in a different approach to meet the demands of Us the mature players who want something more than the traditional games of yesterday.

    With Future Additions of Cyberpunk 2077 we will have a game like no other. Remember if you watched the announcement of this game then you heard when CD Projekt Red invited the world to join CD Projekt Red to create this game.

    Many will join them from around the world and inspire them with ideas,imagination, concept creation, interpretation knowledge and computer program skills, not to mention art, technical,design, music and most importantly “Talent”.
    So remember one thing.
    Who Created This game?

    YOU DID!!!
    (THE Entire World)

  • Klaide

    Make character customization a huge aspect of the game. Complete character customization. Like the kind of customizing you can do in APB:R, but tenfold. Only reason people still play that game is for the customizing. Add that into this game on top of the bad ass shooting this game is probably going to be and the game will never die.

  • Chadgod

    I know this is pretty much potentially doubling the amount of gameplay and work, but my favorite part of all the Cyberpunk systems has been net running… I really hope they add that as an option with just as much exploration as the actual cityscape. With net running you could random generate the experience to where you didn’t have to map content (like they did in the old Genesis Shadowrun game). It just takes my immersion to incredible heights in sci-fi games when there seems like there is a underlying network within the game that I can access.. And I’ve always loved building up a deck and becoming the anonymous, elite, underground, cyber-anarchist… Especially with the whole virtual reality avatar/cyber combat stuff. Watch the black ice, friends.

  • Iesada

    Nice post and sound good. What I want to see from this game is definitely not an open sandbox experience but a coherent, intense and exciting storyline. If sandbox experience has to be ditched or lessened to achieve this: too bad, the story and atmosphere way overweight the need for useless ‘free wandering’ like in Skyrim in which most of the npcs are lifeless and dull.

  • daquino

    I know this is going to sound weird, but when it comes to character customization and skill variables, the best game around is still The Sims 3 (Sims 4 will be even better in char customization). Not only customizing clothes, but also customizing personality. It’s frustrating to play an “RPG” game where you can’t define your character personality, and when it comes to pen & paper, that’s what it’s all about. For example, let’s look at Mass Effect and/or Dragon Age. The game gives you a lot of choices along the storyline. You can choose a good response, a neutral response or an badass response, but that’s it. And if you replay the game, the same choices will be available. After replaying 3 or 4 times, there’s absolutelly nothing new.? In The Sims series, the thing is, you don’t have a fixed storyline, and the choices available to interact with NPC’s depends not only on the personality you’ve chosen, but also on the choices you’ve made before that momment (including jobs, skill practicing, and more). For example, if my Sim have practiced cooking, I can talk with NPC’s about cooking. If my Sim have a jealous personality, he will be angry when his wife flirts with her boss… Of course this is a totally different kind of game, but being a pen & paper player for almost 16 years, that’s the kind of stuff I would like to see in an video-game rpg… choices of personality that changes the game for me… I mean, what if I choose to play as an cyber-drug dealer that don’t give a fuck about law enforcement but like to donate his profit to charity, will that make a difference in gameplay, or I’ll be stuck in the exact same storyline as an police officer who sells baby organs to the black market for a better retirement plan?

  • Net__rai

    Character Customization = CC
    a important part of of Pen&Paper is CC (yes must just fit perfectly inside a 2077 Roleplay Scenario) CC like APB – Reloaded or EvE, i mean here DIY Clothe decals, Hair color, Skin tattoo, Skin tone). Sex: Male or female and anything in between.

    atm, i think Watch_Dogs is a example how to make openWorld Mission’s. But i will not play Watch_Dogs (only Male Character why ? because Main Story or ?)

    Just give me a Story to read and then let me free in a openWorld 2077 scenario. ATM i enjoy SL, i RP in a Sandbox, CC is endless (only combat in SL is bad ^^) see : City INSILICO

    Just me & my thoughts

  • Hypstor

    I want a game with deus ex upgrades, a huge sandbox world, and a story you have to look for.

  • Sailor

    I definitely would like to see flexibility from character creation to storyline. Also various story paths for different classes would be rawking to try out each class within the game. Would we also see multi co-op within the game and end game content like “Borderlands”. Most likely it’s not realistic but would like to see as much as possible to keep me interested.

  • Charles Edward Lane IV

    Very excited, I snagged my copy of 2020 years ago from a friend but never played. I wonder how they will handle the hacking / computer programming.

  • warforgedgord

    please, by all the circuitry you swear by, do not make this a deus ex clone. Cyberpunk is all about the gritty. not just the gore, but people with substance/tech abuse issues. Freedom’s gone, you eat kibble in the morning, and you’d literally kill for a steak.

  • born-bad

    The answer is simple… you want flexibility of the pnp game? Let people mod the game, the same way Bethesda does. Make mods downloadable on consoles (wow). I don’t know if you realize, but you’re making the greatest game ever…. and one of the most important ones. Don’t screw it up….

  • What does CD Projekt RED mean by pen and paper?
    Do we have to write things down

  • Helmic

    I really, really hope there’s not a strict adherence to the old mechanics. Take off the nostalgia filter and 2020 is a very dated RPG, mechanically speaking.

    Skill levels are inconsistent as all hell RAW (+8 is supposed to be almost superhuman… but apparently high school teachers all have a superhuman command of their subjects). I’m serious, the skill system of 2020 is absolutely borked.

    You also leave out an important detail: video games do not share the same constraints as pen and paper RPG’s. There is zero need for the underlying formulas to be human-parsable or use d10’s and d6’s for all randomization. Where pen and paper RPG’s have to compromise on realism for the sake of the speed of play, computer RPG’s have no such restrictions and can get as close to reality as fun, expectations, and talent allows.

    While I do want 2077 to share the important parts of 2020 that make it identifiable, I don’t think the actual mechanics are all that important to the experience in a video game. No matter what, 2077 isn’t going to be the v3 we always wanted. Don’t make a pen and paper RPG, make a quality video game using a pen and paper RPG for its setting.

    • Sędziwój

      d10 or others are not important, element of random is something we want, same with others aspect of PnP game, all should be in video game, but in different form.
      Current games lucks in morality, u can kill and nothing happen, or only temporally, but in rpg it should be: u kill cop and they know its u, u r fuck forever (or give some they to get out of it, but something like get letter from president)

  • Oren

    Well, I really can’t tell everything what i expect from you… I just want to tell you that i hope u dont fail with the world.
    Remember CP is not only fighting and shooting!
    In my opinion only Solo Class was technically “the fighter”. The rest of the roles were for the history to be told…

  • Paul E

    Is there an update to be had on the game… the last update is January 14th of LAST year. Please?

    • ConsoleCowboy

      The small studio that couldn’t. With all the foreigners plucked out of joblessness from their home countries to be paid Polish peanuts, and with the cash push for the next Witcher for inflow, it seems like this project is on the backburner waiting funding. Add to that the management conundrum how to get the local donkeys to work? CP =/= Andrzej Sapkowski Not even Mad Mike Pondsmith is updating…..”Big start but how’s it finish?” she asked. Not even a mention if the story is written.

      • Paul E

        Well, I don’t necessarily agree with all of that. To win big you have to risk big, so putting out the video’s they did, and the announcement, with the fact the site is still here, I’m presuming they’re not done, quite yet.

  • aCyberPhoenix

    Still here, still waiting but may not be sane by the release date. Already bought out Steam’s selection of Cyberpunk genre games in my futile attempt to fill the gaping hole in my life that the announcement of this game created. Reading a million articles talking about how much CD Projekt Red is not saying about the game really doesn’t help either.

    • Francis Urquart

      So much for style over substance… Maybe budget cuts… Maybe second thoughts… I couldn’t possiblty comment.
      I can say that silence is not golden. It is only for children meant to be seen but not heard. It is not for developers currently two years into development on a project. It is not the way it is done.
      Reminds me of this CP2020 game where the players were hired for a simple job but were marooned because the employer ran out of money and the players had to find their own way out.
      But what is actually happening, I couldn’t possibly comment….

  • vocnar

    I am an OLD SCHOOL P&P CP2020 player & have also been waiting for like EVER for a MMORPG CP2020 game to come out. I believe you can do the different Martial Arts for unarmed combat for a PC game since several other MMOs have done that. Not sure how Akido could be done though. But Cyber Punk was ” ALL ” about Style over Function ! Best Example would be to go Watch ” Johnny Mnemonic ” This movie would be what a CP2020 game run would be like. As far as game play: guns are guns. You have several books listing them from the game. Corporations also have 4 reference books to get info for back grounds on. Cyber Space I think can be done as a Different skin to the cyber world (again please refer to Johnny Mnemonic).

    I would LOVE to see a VERY in depth character background creator. There was a book by I think Flying Buffalo that had 3 volumes D&D style games, Modern & Space types. You would start off at age 5 & roll on event trees till you got dragged into that would. Some times it would be good others not so much. My Solo was in a Helo crash in the South American Bush Fire Wars & had BOTH her legs crushed – hence thats How she got both cyber legs. NO MMOs have a In Depth character back ground its just ok this looks kool & hit enter. Character, made go kill. CP202 was about the Character & how they related tot he world, IF you went on a rampage in a green zone (Corp zone) Max-Tac just showed up & Fraged your Cyber-Psycho AZZ with Miltech .300 Win Mag or Arisaka 20mm Rifles.

    I would also LOVE to see in game Friday Night Firefights ! AND you HAVE TO include the Punknaughts in game.

    Let me know what you all think too please.

    • vocnar

      Forgot to add about the Cyber Wear, you have a TON of reference books for those & the ones you can see should be kinda like Robocop like Unless you upgrade to real skin coverings. Arisaka made a Scan Way Cyber Scanner you can (& I think it was taken from the First Total Recall) model in game for like banks & corp entrances & the likes. That would be cool. Nothing like loosing the Meat for Metal to get the job done.

      PLEASE also add in Power Armor for the Military & Merc’s who can afford them. I think you can do that easy enough. Enough Bot games out there proves that. Lets SEE if you can guess where this came from.
      ” I thought things were hot enough as it was. Now, Militech goes out and starts selling these hi-tech nightmares to any corp or dictator who has far too much cash and too little sense. I expect to see one with Yakuza markings any day now. Lord, I’ll be glad to retire.” in Reference to the Militech MT-4 MBT 1cm Railgun equiped Medium tank. Maximum Metal Pg.51

      I WANT ONE !

    • Guest

      Well, Witcher 3 looks like it will be great. Charles Dance will be supplying voice to it.
      The office plays D&D4e – maybe 5e now – and that’s as OLD SCHOOL as it gets.
      Some unknown Polish guy who used to run a website is the lead writer on the story. The office will English proof it as a kind of cheap labor.
      Witcher 2 has just been pumped out to get a positive cash flow. None of the Americans are being paid what they’re worth they’ll tell you, but it is better than starving to death jobless at home I understand. R Tal is not funding this project in Poland with deep pockets, which is ironic as all the project leaders are foreigners who could not find work back home.
      This site is dead. That fact tells you more than it says. Mike is quiet as hell. The PR guy has not been replaced by anyone of the same calibre. How many others have since left for better money?
      Or maybe they left because they had enough of the 4e games in the office?

  • peter

    I hope it’s some combo of fallout, morrowind (the depth choices and not leading you around by nose) with a sprinkle of mines of titan (which I think should be remade but that is a different story )

  • Zsolnai Csaba

    Anyone interested in Cyberpunk should check out the Pen and paper RPG ‘Eclipse phase’. It is a lot like Cyberpunk, but with much more futuristic and insane technology, like copying your own mind into multiple bodies.

  • jacksondr

    I really like the throw back picture of Alt in the background. I’d like to see Santiago the Nomad and Jonny Silverhand too.

    these guys do great work with RPG’s I’m still loving Witcher3.

  • Jordan Carpenter

    I’m a dungeon master. Yes, I admitted it, and it is the source of some of my greatest video game related angst. The idea that anyone can really bring the raw diversity of choice into a video game that exists within p&p RPGs is…well…one of those big crazy ideas that you can’t really believe in, but somehow grabs on to the hoping part of your soul and just won’t let go, like God or unicorns, or half life 3. I’ve spent years watching RPGs move farther and farther away from their roots, removing everything from classes to skill customization to dialog in a desperate attempt to become more action oriented. If you guys can pull this off I will love you for ever! Just please God, don’t fuck the dialog. Conversation options are important. Skill based dialog is important. If I’m playing a hacker, I should be able to talk like a hacker, if I’m playing a medic, I should know medical stuff. To me, that is the definition of immersion. My character, given a defined skill set and profession, has to be able to talk the goddamn talk. No more mages who need a party member to explain magic to them, no more city natives who can’t identify the most prominent members of their society! (and yes, I know, it’s cyberpunk not fantasy but the wizard thing is an example of what I’m talking about)

    I’m also really hoping for concrete story elements. The witcher series did an amazing job of maintaining a concrete story arc while still giving the player the freedom to experience the game world. Compelling characters, npcs that I can argue with, befriend, romance, and despise. I want to feel the same kind of emotional impact that I felt when Tess died in the last of us, the tragedy of fallen comrades, the glory of triumphing heroes, the monstrous satisfaction of true villainy. I want to be part of story damnit, not just an action flick. I don’t just want to feel like a badass, I want to feel the tragedies and triumphs of a world larger than my own, I want to agonize over my decisions, to wonder if I made the right choice, to fear for the lives of my comrades, and glory in the destruction wrought on my enemies. I want to BE Beowulf, Odysseus, And Hamlet, not just Bruce Willis.

    I know it’s a lot to ask, but I think I speak for anyone for whom pen and paper games are the amazing things they are when I say, deliver to me these things, and I will feel the legacy of D 20 and Mountain Dew on a Saturday night will finally be, if not surpassed, then, at least, equaled.