Not only the Cyberchef has his taste: More about inspiration

Here at CD Projekt Red we are inspired by many different types of games, not only cyberpunk games. And INSPIRED is the key word here.  Taking one feature from game A, another from game B and yet another from game C doesn’t mean that final product will be a game of A+B+C quality. There is actually a high chance that if the process of adapting features wasn’t done carefully or mixed properly, then the final game will be a disaster  – the sum of a bunch of things that do not work well together. And no one want to end up with Cyberpunk game like that, right?

Dystopia and Syndicate are, of course, not the only games that we are looking at, though they are obvious inspirations. There are quite few more. I will only highly major features of these games that have guided what we want Cyberpunk 2077 to become, and maybe in the future we will go into more details about how these concepts work together.

System Shock (1994) – Great atmosphere combined with non-linear gameplay

Fallout 2 (1998) – A character’s development could determine the available dialog options he/she would encounter

Baldur’s Gate Saga (1998-2000) – Faithful adaptation of a Pen& Paper RPG system without getting bogged down in numbers.

Deus Ex (2000) – Considered by many to one of the best (if not the best) Cyberpunk game. It had an involving story multiple ways to accomplish a goal. One of first games of its time and still one of the very few games where it was possible to finish it without killing anyone.

The Witcher series (2007, 2011) – Rich and mature story. Stunning graphics.

Skyrim (2011) – One of the best implementations of an open, sandbox world.

As I mentioned in my blog about implementing Pen & Paper mechanics, every game mechanic we introduce has to have a purpose.  We can’t simply add them because they sound cool or work really well when you sit around with your friends. Things may look and feel great on a paper but may simply not work in a computer game.  The same goes for features in other computer games – it may work in that particular game but is it going to work in another? Most of the time, the simplest things are the hardest to get right. This deceptive simplicity is like a minefield … you find out about it when it’s already too late.  As much as we would like to implement every single feature from the original Cyberpunk 2020 and to get as many different amazing game features into the game as possible, we are only demi-gods and our powers are limited by that speck of human blood. You also need to remember that every game out there has its own story to tell and its own original contributions to make and Cyberpunk 2077 is no different …

Marcin Janiszewski – Senior Designer

  • Fettouhi

    you mention Deus Ex from 2000 witch was a great game back then but take a look at Deus Ex Human Revalution 2011 rpg SiFi game done right

  • Good basis for your inspiration ^^

  • M_a_ribeiro

    I agree, Deus Ex had it’s time, but Deus Ex Human Revolution not only has a story as interesting as the predecessor (or even more interesting), graphically it is much, much better. And the all visual concept is stunningly beautiful and recreates the atmosphere of Blade Runner quite well. Voice acting is suberb also.

  • Spellsinger666

    I think DE:HR had a good story and visuals, sure, but it lacked the “anyway you like” feature that the first DE had. Skyrim is a great sandbox inspiration, as much as Fallout: New Vegas is. 

    I hope that among all the things that the Cyberpunk game needs, all the gameplay mechanics, stats, items, story, we will be still able to create our hero as we please. A hundred ways to change the face, hair, piercings, colours – including synthetic skin available in rainbow-amount of colours… After all, anyone can kill. It’s the style of how you do it makes you a stand-out Cyberpunk. Style is everything.

  • Caleb Brian

    If it wasn’t for the terrible, might only boss battles, Human Revolution would be better than the original. As for the Blade Runner similarities, I’m failing to see any.

    Blade Runner was truly post-apocalyptic, whereas Human Revolution was more “Star Trek” future to me. It seemed like it had a Cyberpunk façade but not a Cyberpunk soul.

  • Deus Ex Human Revolution failed at being an RPG, it was much too linear and forced us to play the good guy hero type throughout.  Pushing 4 different buttons to see 4 different endings didn’t help at all as it ruined the replay value.  However I loved the story it told at times and the futuristic scenery was breathtaking.  It probably needed more techno, more implants, a true open world with a healthy underground (future drugs, black clinics, sex droids, raves, hackers, etc.), and character creation.  All things I’m sure the CD Projekt Red team will get right.  Be ready for all the copy cat developers to start making “cyberpunk” imitations.

    • Good guy?

      Good *employee* maybe, but I shot quite a few mercenaries in the face.  No, “Human Revolution” didn’t force you to be a good guy, it forced you to be a corp.  A sympathetic corp, if not necessarily a good one.  The fact that there is so little cyberpunk media showing us the other side of the conflict makes Human Revolution all the more subversive.

      (My Adam Jensen had a soft spot for punks, and never seriously harmed any.  Corporate raiders, well… they were another story.  And they killed his girlfriend.)

  • joshko

    Kind of suprised you’re not looking at Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines.
    That game has a special place in my heart. Also a great game based on the PnP system.

  • Wisdom000

    Every time anything is posted about this game, something makes me really excited, then something makes me really nervous. I know its your job to tease, titillate, and try and garner interest without saying anything, and I fully understand why it must be done this way…. but you guys are killing me here.

    So…. here are the basics of what I really want from a Cyberpunk Game:

    Character Customization on par with Saints Row 2. (Gender, body type, face customization, tattoos, layered clothing with many choices). But with Cybernetic options, several types of limbs, eyes, tech hair, glow tattoos, etc…. These should be cosmetic choices.  Any benefits cyber gives you, like being stronger, running faster, jumping higher, etc… should be a separate thing… and should work whether you have visible cyber or not…. cuase hey, some of us real-skin our cyber sometimes.  So the visible cyber itself is just a cosmetic option, but effects come in the form of upgrades and internal implants. I realize this will disappoint some people, who will think every piece of cyber should be unique, but that would require a ridiculous amount of choices, or the choices would be limited and you might not like the way the cyber looks that gives you the benefit you want…  I think this is a good compromise on system limitations.

    An explorable world at least the size of San Andreas or Fallout New Vegas, with a huge ass city, and outside the city diverse terrain like San Andreas or RDR.  Night City is huge, but I hate in games where the map is just an island that is all city… there needs to be some desert wasteland at least… Because Nomads need to be represented int he game.  (As I have stated, ideally the character starts out a Nomad, then the character is seeing the city for the first time the same time we are, so the tutorials and introduction won’t seem so forced)

    There needs to be a decent assortment of vehicles, bikes, cars, trucks, boats, aircraft (especially Aerodynes), that we can drive, keep, and customize.  This, like the character customization, is one of those things that will keep me playing a game long after I have completed every thing else.  Getting the vehicles I want, looking just the way I want them.  And one small request… please for the love of god, give us a tool to arrange the garage ourselves… just a simple “move up/down” command would be enough.  Games that don’t let you do this drive my OCD through the roof.  Above all other vehicles, we need a bad ass recumbent bike, like the one from Akira.

    A variety of weapons would also be good, some people like semi auto handguns, others like revolvers. 

    Why is this is stuff important… well to answer that you need look no further than the games most popular series of supplements, the Chrome Books.  Personal style is everything in this game… and those books are a droolworthy collection of weapons, vehicles, fashion, and cyber.

    Oh… and the game should be 3rd person perspective first, with possibly an option to switch to first.  If its done the other way around, the character movements always end up looking goofy.

    Now that the game elements are out the way, we can talk about what we want from the story.

    One or more overarching stories as the main driving force of the game.  But beyond that there need to be just a ton of smaller story quests.  The game should never feel linear.  It should never feel like you are on rail road tracks.  The main story line is always there, but there should be plenty more to keep you busy… and ideally, these side missions and quests should be repeatable… Heck every mission should have a replay feature, but some of the smaller things should just always be there.  What would really be nice, is if after you beat the game, you could play it again without losing all your stuff.  Sure you may not have access to it until you again unlock your various propoerties, but its all there when you do. 

    Choices within the story… they don’t have to necessarily mean anything mechanically, though its nice when they do… but give us a choice how things proceed.  Maybe I want to kill the target, maybe I want to let him live.  Either way, its my character, let me have some say in how it unravels.  Heck maybe it does nothing more than influences the way people react to me, how much vendors charge and what not… System limitations will definitely factor in to how much of an overall difference my choices make, I understand that… including different dialog options based on choices for everything could be a major hassle…  Fallout 3 and New Vegas did it pretty well, but I don’t know how you are planning to handle it.  I do know that graphic intensive cut scenes, while pretty, are not really necessary.  In fact, if the difference in graphics is noticeable, then it can suck you right out of the immersion completely.  The game graphics themselves don’t have to be phenomenal… There is a lot of middle ground between adequate and amazing…

    The story shouldn’t be some huge save the world thing… it shouldn’t even be save the city.  It should be more personal, more gutter.  Sure you might ascend to that lofty glass and steel tower apartment… but no matter how badass your character is, how wealthy, how much crap he acquires, or what direction you take him, he should still feel like a small but hungry fish in a big pond.  Thats my personal opinion anyway.

    The truth is, there is no hard set in stone way to run Cyberpunk 2020.  Some people want to keep it very Gibsonesque.  Others want more of an Appleseed or Ghost In The Shell feeling.  Some people want Robocop, others want Mad Max.  Some people, myself included, want it all.  Some people run games where its the little guy trying to spit in the mans face, to take the power back.  Other people run games that are more like heists or pulp noir with cooler tech and dirtier streets filled with neon.  I mean at the heart of it, Bladerunner was just a Phillip Marlow story set in the near future.  Gibson didn’t tell us anything new, he just added some trippy descriptions of hacking and some cool vocabulary to a pretty basic fugitive story.  Robocop was just Dirty Harry with cybernetics.  Ghost In The Shell is, at its heart, Mission Impossible with Cyborgs.  Cyberpunk is nothing more than a setting, near future, dystopic but not post post apocalyptic, at least not totally.  Advanced tech, but the same old problems we live with every day.  It’s a world that is wholly relatable if not necessarily believable, and yet somehow foreign and strange all at the same time.  That’s what have to capture as far as atmosphere goes.

    As an added little bonus, I got to thinking about how awesome it would be if at various stages of the game, you could save a “character sheet” to the hard drive, then transfer it to your pc and print it off.  Or even be able to do it in reverse, take your favorite character, and input his stats and skills in the game… maybe as a bonus that unlocks after you have beaten the game.  That way you could truly merge the video game and the Pen and Paper game.  I don’t know if that’s even possible, but I thought it was a nice idea.

    I know, a lot of what I have said is just me repeating myself over and over… sorry about that… its going to keep happening, at least till we get a forum, and I can just start a thread.

    What keeps my head up, what keeps me excited, is that CDPR are fans of the game, they have played it, and profess to love it.  I have never been able to play witcher (PS3 owner), but from everything I have heard the game is fantastic, and a great emulation of the books.  You only get that with love and understanding.  Mike and Lisa Being on board just double down that faith I have in the project.

    I wish I could take a direct role in its devolment myself, but I am content in the knowledge that at the very least CDPR is listening to us, taking our concerns and dreams into consideration… it seems they understand that this game is as important to us that it turns out right, as it is to them and the Pondsmiths.  It’s not often you find a game with as loyal a fanbase as Cyberpunk 2020…Its been over ten years since there was a new 2020 release,  And yet here we are… chomping at the bit off the merest possibility of what this game could be, and what it could mean for our favorite RPG as well…

    • Sardukar

       Much of this I agree with, the look, the variety, the terrain options and of course, the recumbent bike. Not starting as a Nomad – that’s your thing, Wisdom. Nomads I find pretty boring.  If you were to pick an archetypical Cpunk class, I guess it’d be Netrunner.
        I rather hope they don’t have classes – I’d like to be able to hack, drive, modify and shoot, with one of these being my best. Special Abilities should be widely available, but limited across in depth.
        I think there is a real danger of the Skyrim Effect here, (aka the Oblivion Effect, FO3-itis, etc), namely that you have this big, interesting world that feels shallow after a few dozen hours of exploring.

       I like Skyrim and FO3, I really do. But Fallout New Vegas is a MUCH better target for emulation.

       And preferable to emulation of any kind is getting that open-world/story-driven balance right.

        I think a dozen or so very memorable, strong characters with very interesting cyberpunk-style stories would help with this. 

      The Medtech who used to be a Corporate years ago until his cyberlimb addiction drove him mad. Now, after therapy and retraining, he serves as a street doc. Smarter than you, cynical and tormented, he harbours a growing biotech addiction.

       The Rockerboy who is more than usually self-destructive. On his way up, a different girl or boy every night, this rockerboy is as famous for jumping out of an AV-4 on a bet -and nearly dying- as they are for their all-natural good looks, a striking contrast with most celebrities in 2077.

        The Media who, despite appearances and his help of the main character, isn’t out to find the Truth, but instead has gone quietly cyberpsycho and uses his contacts and information resources to murder those he considers unworthy. Or badly dressed.

        The Cop whose sister is being held in slavery by the Blood Razors Boostergang and has been for years now. He’s desperate to buy her out and has been selling information on his colleagues to Arasaka Security for subornment. His sister works for Arasaka, of course.

       And so on. 

       Characters we will remember and who will define 2077 better than a weapons load out or even a particularly snazzy set of BigKnucks.

        The rest of the trick is plot density and, well, grit. Skyrim and FO3 lacked this. Deus Ex and FNV did not.

       You guys are popular and successful in no small part because the Witcher series has these things. Just don’t lose that.

      • Wisdom000

         I love a lot of what you just wrote, (except for calling nomads boring).

        I really dig the npc’s you threw out there.

        It got me thinking… Maybe at the start of the game, you choose your prime Role.  The missionns of the game remain the same, only for people with different roles, the order in which they come, and the objectives of the mission itself changes.  For instance, if you are playing a Netrunner, one mission might have you trying to infiltrate a drug deal, using your hacking skills to record the entire thing for black mail. But if you are playing a cop, your objective is to arrest the main dealer.  Or if you are playing a solo, your job is to protect the dealer from the cops who bust in.  Or if you are playing a nomad, you are the getaway driver for the dealer.

        The missions are all the same, but why you are there and what you are doing would change depending on your role and choices within the game.

        Imagine how interesting this could get in a co-op style game?

        Anyway, just an idea I thought was interesting.

      • Sardukar

         Damn, we need a forum for this game.
        Referencing your comment below, Wisdom, I think that is a great idea. Especially since although your objective changes depending on your prime Role, your method of achieving that objective is still up to you.

         If the mission has X number of NPCs in it, simply swap one of them for your character when you do it with a different Role. Now you can see things from a different side of the mission. Since each mission really has a pass/fail state at it’s base, all you need is that state set and then a modifier based on your Role. Such as: Nomad, getaway driver. Gets the dealer away and adds to his Rep as well as opens the next dealer mission but closes off the mission for the cops.
         Whereas if he fails, the dealer is done and his Rep is not great, but the Cops see a use for his skills and some of those missions open up.

         I don’t find Nomads boring. I think the concept is vital to CP2020, representing the great displaced masses.
           I find the Role boring, mostly because Family sucks. I tend to suggest players swap it for a vehicle SA or multiple small Roles, like Medtech, Combat Sense and Jury Rig, for example.

         As for CP 2077 being Co-Op with multiple choice missions and combined Roles….pretty sure I’d be dead and in Cyber Heaven.

      • Wisdom000

         I check this site innumerable times a day, just in the hopes that the forum is up and going…

        Yeah the more I think about it, the more I dig this idea… I hope something  like this comes about….

        As for the nomad role being boring…. Once again I urge you to check out Interlock Unlimited.  It fixes the roles, gets rid of the abstract special abilities.  Now every Roles special ability works like a Solo’s combat sense, in that it adds its level as a bonus to 2-3 other skills.

      • Sardukar

         Oh, I’ve read IU a few times, actually. Some of it I like, some of it I don’t. The Roles change I always liked. Overall, it’s a good investment of your time for any CPunk player and more-than-good investment for any Ref. The supplements on Psionics and Martial Arts are also quite interesting and worth the time.

      • Wisdom000

         Thanks man… glad you dug the parts you liked, and the parts you didn’t can just be ignored. 🙂

    • Jeremy Xu

      I totally agree with the character customization. In games where my character was highly customized, I felt a much greater attachment to them when something happened.  For example, although this may just be me, but I felt almost insulted when playing APB when my character died over and over. This was only possible with the deep customization aspects of the game and being able to feel like you truly are your character. I can put up with a lot of flaws of a game if I enjoy my player character.

  • Vampire The Masquerade: Bloodlines was an awesome non linear RPG in an urban world. I hope it is an inspiration for you.

    • Case

      I agree. Bloodlines is easily one of the best non-linear, mature RPGs.

  • greeks

    I wonder when the chief of CD Projekt will get his cyberpunk jacket… At the next conference perhaps? 😉

  • There’s also a pretty neat little gem of a cyberpunk game named Neocron (MMORPG/FPS) not many people know about

  • Please make a voice protagonist and don’t try and be Skyrim…it’s just a boring game with a horrible gameplay balance.

    • Wisdom000

       Honestly, the problem is that if you have a voiced protagonist, then every word of dialogue needs to be done at least twice, for male and female.  This can eat up system limitations really fast.  And since character customization is the key, then being able to have male and female characters is a requirement.  If not giving the protagonist a voice eases up those limitations and allows for a bigger world/more gameplay, like In Skyrim or Fallout… then its a sacrifice I will happily make. 

      • Sardukar

         JC Denton. Adam Jensen. Geralt of Rivia. Hitman.

         Give us a voice,please. If you have to limit me to a gender to do so, fair enough. Many great games have come out with male or female-only protagonists.

         But find a great voice actor and make him or her iconic.

      • Wisdom000


        I think you are missing the point.  All those characters you mentioned… they are someone else’s characters.  Cyberpunk 2020 is a tabletop roleplaying game, you play your own character.  If this video game hopes to emulate it then the absolute most basic thing it has to get right, is to let you create your own character in the game, it must give you the choice of gender, race, different body styles…This is vital. 

        There is no main protagonist of cyberpunk, There is whatever character you want to play.  And I believe far more people want to be able to choose between gender, then to have a great voice.  Not that both can’t be done… Saints Row 2 had 6 different voices to choose from, 3 male and 3 female… but it made the game much smaller than it could have been.  Saints Row 3 had 7 voices, and the game was a clownshoes disaster (not just because of the voices, but they had their part in eating up resources).

        Yes they could limit the game to 2 voices, one male one female… and get voices that are devoid of accent.  But that still eats up a lot of resources.  Not to mention, a Corporate isn’t going to talk the same as a Netrunner, who isn’t going to talk the same as a Solo, who isn’t going to talk the same way as a cop, who isn’t going to talk the same way as a nomad.  So even if they had 2, or even one voice, it could never really emulate the feel of your characters chosen career or personality… not without limiting the game ridiculously by having several different versions of the characters dialogue.

        Don’t get me wrong, I would love voices… but not at the expense of a smaller world, not at the expense of a shorter game, not at the expense of less to do, and certainly not at the expense of being able to choose gender or race. 

  • Surprised DX:HR isn’t in there. Its conversation mechanic was very well done. 

    I want CDPR to make this game their own, to make it a highly unique entry into the genre. Going with Cyberpunk instead of the oft used space opera or alien invasion is the perfect start. Now just draw from the games listed as inspiration, especially The Witcher 2, and create a masterpiece!

    • Seconding Deus Ex here.  That game was brilliant, then my PC died.

  • Console Cowboy

    Seriously? You are trying to be a AAA game?  What kind of grammatic cripple proofed this copy? Where is the PR guy, he’s American? He could have proofed this… correction: He SHOULD HAVE PROOFED THIS! Why? Because it is image: you know, STYLE over substance?

    Holly fcuk……

    • Kodaemon

      Pot calling the kettle black. There might be some errors here and there, but your own posts are near incomprehensible.

      • Console Cowboy

        Here comes the c’plain, x’plain, and avoid…

        You miss the point, bootlicker salaryman. This is a company that is letting this copy pass. It’s supposed to have more thought behind it than a rapid fire hit send post. It represents the company and the company’s product.  Do you understand?

        I am not criticizing the person writing.  Do you savvy that?

      • Islands on the Net

         Incomprehensible? Just like William Gibson’s narrative.

    • Excession

      It seems fine to me, apart from a couple of minor typos; nothing here is unintelligible, not does it need proofing by an American.

      This is a relatively quick post to a very early blog during the beginning of the game development process. I’m happy they’re being so open and communicative this early in the piece.

      Here is a company making all the right noises, who give the impression that they can actually do a Cyberpunk game justice, and you decide to waste time picking apart a couple of typos on a blog post?
      Just chill out, be happy about what they’re doing, and enjoy the blog.

    • Maybe you can apply for a pt gig as a proofreader! Most of us do NOT care. Grammar and spelling police usually troll forums. I was hoping not to see this here.

      • Console Cowboy

        The use of language will inform in-game dialogue; game story logic; and basic communication between the company and its targets.

        The senior writer, like a Dave Gaider at Bioware, should represent this AAA American market aspiration here for example. This would go a long way to address the elephant in the room and unify communications rather than this ad hoc “Charlie said this but don’t listen to Charlie” commentary.

        Ignoring the “how” poor communication reflects negatively upon the image of the company discussion, there seems to be a lack of ideas to communicate about this AAA product. Not only does that alarm me but what has been said appears in places to contradict the vision in Mike’s posts.

        If you just want this game to reskin something inspiring, then you are right: none of this matters. “Just shut up and take my money,” as they say.

        • INSIDER


  • Really?  No Neotokyo?  While the Ghost in the Shell games aren’t too terribly recent (I can forgive that) and are pretty post-cyberpunk (another reason to skip ’em) and often play like some variety of shooter (well…) they point out quite rightly that the government isn’t just going to quietly step aside to allow corporate rule.

    Neotokyo is perhaps more interesting – the military coup depicted in Japan’s future is quite an interesting setting for punks with ambition to play in.  Lots of nifty hardware floating around that was captured from rogue military elements and “destroyed”, I’m sure.

  • Kohno

    Obviously every mechanic needs to have a puropse, but there’s also something to consider about the magnitude of gameplayimpact a given mechanic has (a lot of current RPG devs “get it” – at least I believe they do – but still do it wrong, either out of fear that they’ll do it wrong, or deliberately to unnecessarily streamline the mechanics and underestimating the players incentives to understand and use them – imo).

    You have a weapon skill and all it does is add a couple of extra points to damage.
    You have a lockpicking skill, and all it does is “ease up” the minigame slightly.
    You have a strength stat that only offers 10lb carryweight per point while the base carryweight is already at superhuman levels.
    You have a level progression that constantly bombards the player with these subtle increments and says “good boy, don’t worry, soon you’ll get more of these goodies.”

    In my book that is all wrong. It’s easy to swallow and adapt to because it’s all prechewed, sure. But it also undermines the importance of these mechanics and assumes the player can not handle any sort of complexity or be without constantly being “rewarded” in order the keep on playing.

    These features should provide the player who chooses to pursue or neglect them clear and immutable effects in gameplay which the player can notice right away (when using or needing the given feature). A granular and decently frugal in its pace progression that makes the player actually feel like there is some [character] progression going on.

    Now, I’m not saying each and every feature needs to be of utmost importance in its given line of purpose. Some more subtle, and only helpful, mechanics are fine (and there should be some too), but the ones that are of the most constantly used should – imo – be designed with the mindset that these features/mechanics need to work in a way that there is some actual incentive and reward in the player investing their choses gameplay in them.

    Cause and effect, choice and consequence. Running even on the micro levels. Choose to invest here, and you get a clear benefit; choose not to and that path is out of your immediate reach.

    To me PnP games were not just the feel and freedom, they were tight packages being the sum of their parts. A successful implementation of the mechanics played a clear role in forming the whole. And with the limitations of a cRPG the importance of that interplay with different aspects of the game (mechanics, story, choices, atmosphere) is on a paramount level if the game aims to be succssful in it’s “trade” as a an RPG. A lot of current cRPG’s have their weight only on atmosphere and story (like Mass Effect which is more like a choose-your-own-story adventure than anything else) or only atmosphere (like Bethesda games which are basically just setpiece hunting simulators in a themepark world), and – IMO – that’s also their greatest downfall.

    /My 2 cents.

    • Wisdom000

      Have you played Cyberpunk 2020?  I ask because their are no levels in the game.  It is a skill based game where progression is measured by skills themselves, which have a range of 0-10. The tabletop game is very much a matter of “your skills get better by an increment at a time, which makes tasks slightly easier.”

      Sure, in other, more traditional Tabletop games, you level and each time you gain crazy new abilities and more hitpoints.  But that’s not what Cyberpunk 2020 was about, and it never was.  That’s one of the things that makes Cyberpunk different, and one of the reasons it still has such a loyal following.

      In Cyberpunk there are no levels, you don’t get more “hit points”. There is no magic, no supernatural abilities, no psionics or aliens, or any of that garbage to dilute the experience.  Your character just gets better at what they do a point at a time, and every little point, from 1 to 10, is hard fought and hard won.  A super badass Navy Seal, survivor of 100 engagements, with a staggering body count and years of experience, can still be taken out in one shot by a 12 year old with a zip gun.  That’s one of the many beauties of the system, and one of the things that set it apart from all the other tabletop games.

      • Kohno

         I have played it, yes, and I’m aware of the points you make. But we are talking about a computer game here. And that’s generally the basis for all the points I make.

        I would very much like CP2077 to be a game I actually like to play, rather than a “just nice” game for one playthrough.

  • cybercyber

    WOW nice post

    Its really good that CD is taking itso serios

    Cant wait for new screens and artworks

    i am really interested in the character design, i love to see characters with cool clothes and stylo haircuts like Mohawk!

  • cybercyber

    i liked deus ex but dont make 2077 with a ego perspective!!

    I want to see my character just like in the Witcher!
    This is the best perspective!!!

    • Solo_dragun

      Are you crazy? There is already a lot of talk about elder scrolls as a comparison and a direction they may take so let’s look at that. I always felt like first person took some getting used to for a title of that nature. It honestly didn’t really take until skyrim and that’s only because archery finally doesn’t suck. So what perspective serves long range combat best… First person. Is there going to be a lot of gunplay and long range combat in cp2077? Duh, yes. I think primary perspective should be 1st person with option to move to 3rd person in melee situation is best for this game.

  • Console Cowboy
  • markator

    Blade Runner – it is set in earlier times and has an unbelievably strong spirit. Don’t forget to take it into consideration, the movie and the great game.

  • Joe Crazyperson

    I agree with alot of what Wisdom000 has to say on this, the Cyberpunk community in America is large but doesn’t realize its a cyberpunk community (people will say they love Robocop or GITs or Blade Runner but don’t know the genre of these movies or what its called) – in Europe its huge because it knows its roots. By bringing back the Pen & Paper game in a style like Knights of the Old Republic did for the Star Wars RPG, we can really remind people what its about. 

    To me the most ‘cyberpunk’ video games I’ve played lately that influence me are Crysis 2 – just for the ability to switch between your suit’s upgrades and use your HUD in real time for tactical purposes – and Sleeping Dogs. I’m going to talk more about Sleeping Dogs because even though its a ‘modern’ setting – it has a lot of cyberpunk elements. 

    The line between your character’s personal quest for revenge, his job as an undercover cop, and his ‘face’ as a Triad enforcer – blur and the character becomes haunted by his actions through various nightmares. In some instances, you start to think he’s really going to lose his damn mind – and the torture scene highlights this. For those who haven’t played the game – I won’t go into too much detail – but I will say the mechanic that made it feel cyberpunk to me is that I’d go out and do some brutal Triad mission and then the next scene I’m meeting with my undercover handlers and hacking security cameras so I can bust drug dealers. That’s the kind of dubious thing that makes most Cyberpunk games for me. Also you get to use a lot of small tech that makes a big difference in the setting – camera phones, cell trackers, security cameras…Shameless plug:

    • Wisdom000

       Sleeping Dogs was the best game I have played in years… I hated the way they handled the garages (not being able to keep stolen cars, not being able to organize the garage, and not being able to reset the default color of the vehicles), and I hated not being able to organize my wardrobe or store weapons in my apartment, and those are literally the only complaints I had with the game, other than it being to short… but the gameplay itself was magnificent, and the story was amazing.  The atmosphere itself was simply superb.  It was a very very cyberpunk game, it just lacked the cyber.  Although one of the upcoming DLC’s gives you an Adam Jensen skin… so you get the cyber after all… oh baby…

      Now I have to go back and play Sleeping Dogs so more… thanks Joe…

    • Solo_dragun

      I like your style Joe. Your speaking my language man. Although I must say, I still am in favor of 1st person over 3rd person primary camera. What would be great is a smart camera system that automatically switches to 3rd person perspective in instances where this is more advantageous and cinematic. Mostly just for close quarters combat I think. Could be good for vehicles too but I think the option for cockpit view would be freakin awesome!

  • Jig

    Nice inspirations there. 
    Though I’m a bit concerned about what you could end up with the Netrunner class (or if you will end up with it at all).

    Might I suggest some games to look at for this particular class ?
    I’m thinking about Uplink mostly, but Anarchy Online had a runner class that was… ok, I guess.
    And most obviously, other forms of games, like the truly excellent remake of Netrunner as a LCG.
    I hope you guys play it at the office during your breaks. I sure do.

  • cybercyber

    I hope you post “3 rules at Afterlife” soon 🙂

    Will 2077 be at the VGAs?

  • DeadboltDon

    Good read Marcin, i can tell this project is in the right hands. Also, speaking of System Shock… can we please see it on GOG soon? I must have my cyberpunk appetite quenched until the release of Cyberpunk 2077!

  • Serpentos

    As for the music score for the game, it would be stunning if you could collaborate with X-Ray Dog studio. They make fantastic soundtracks and some of them would fit perfectly with the game. Or am I asking too much? 😉

  • Baudolino05

    Skyrim (2011) – One of the best implementations of an open, sandbox world”. 
    Marcin, I loved more or less all the games in your list, but, hell, not Skyrim!  
    Skyrim and Bethesda games in general are all about quantity. They take inspiration from immortal classics like Darklands and Ultima Underworld but don’t have a  bit of their quality. Bethesda worlds are huge, sometime eye-candy, but also flat, full of copy-and-past contents (especially dungeons), linear and uninteresting quests, shallow game mechanics and so on…
    If you really wanna make an open world game (I would prefer a sandbox a la Deus Ex/Bloodlines but it’s your game) don’t take this route, please. Smaller european teams like Piranha Bytes or GSC (R.I.P.) build their world hundred times better than Bethesda. Look to S.T.A.L.K.E.R. or Gothic for inspiration, not to Skyrim. Quantity doesn’t beat quality. It’s better to have a smaller area full of catching contents, role-play opportunities and deep game mechanics than…Skyrim.   

    • Kohno

       I so very much agree with every point.

      Bethesda games are all about visual sparkle and metric tons of meaningless fluff to shine on a hollow shell. That should most definitely not be used as an inspiration on anything.

      Imo. A much more involving game becomes from concentrating “meaningful” content on smaller, and visually (even thematically?) different, areas in your sandbox between which the player can freely travel with an unobtrusive (but preferably interesting and involving) travel mechanic. That way it is easier to not reduce most of the game into the level of being mere stage decoration with an occasional possible (and likely feeling forced and serving no purpose than disjointed busywork) “random interactive set piece” tacked on.

      • A_gambino83

        I’m absolutely down in to your description. That’s THE right way to design an open world game. 

        Personally, I prefer games like Deus Ex, with self-contained areas full of details and mood, locations that give you the sense o place, that feel like parts of a bigger world, and – most important – allow deep game mechanics to take place. 
        Anyway, it’s pretty much sure that CB 2077 is going to be a full-fledged open world game. So I hope Cdp will follow you suggestion.

      • Solo_dragun

        I am going to have to disagree here. Copy and paste in skyrim? Maybe if your talking character models and some other graphical content yea sure. But why would this be an issue in a 2077 cyberpunk world? Don’t many buildings look the same in many urban environments today? Are there not a lot of the same vehicles rolling around in traffic? Do you remember distinctly every face of every stranger you come across in your daily routines as unique and individual? Though many npc’s you encounter in sky rim look and sound the same, many are very unique in their own plights, politics and day to day lives. We are discussing what is intended to be a next gen game. Don’t throw up some cars that I inexplicably can’t walk around or over (a la deus ex). Cp is as much about the city as it is anything else. If it is to feel alive it should be sprawling and expansive. That isn’t to say that a player should have total access to every area of the city from the start, but there are other more realistic and feasible means to limiting that access. At least periodically. Until whatever criteria is met to allow access to those area. Play, work, reward. The reward not being then only equipment or leveling abilities or skill but rather expanding your world and therefore your options and opening up yet more gameplay. If this does indeed end up being a next gen game and I believe it will be, I don’t see why you can’t have both. A huge city with tons of diverse potential and meaningful interaction with various diverse npc’s.

        • Console Cowboy

          The McGuffins to limit area traverse are nearly unlimited to the imagiation and these McGuffins can be removed through DLC for example. The old piled up boxes or inpregnable treelines are the past not the future.

      • Console Cowboy

        I am down with all that which Kohno wrote. The game’s writing will dictate the usefulness of the surroundings after all, in the near future of cyberpunk, the streets find a use for things.

  • So much awesome.  One game I think is missing is vampire the masquerade bloodlines.  Yes, its not a cyberpunk game, BUT its an amazing game that FELT like a real world based off the pen and paper game.  The atmosphere was perfect, had that 80’s/90’s punk feel and with rememberable characters and most important, your choices mattered.  That is the main thing for me, the world is important, but the most important thing is that I have multiple choices to play “MY” character the way I want and develop the personality the way I want.  While I liked the witcher, mass effect 1, etc.  The characters are predefined and I never felt like it was a character I want to play.  This is why I would prefer a non voiced main character.  We all know how much VO limits a character and I understand the draw for a voiced character, however the limitations in choice is not worth it in my opinion. 

    On the cyberpunk setting, I hope cyberspace is a big virtual world itself to explore, hacking into netowks, taking over robots/machines, meeting other hackers on the net, doing all sorts of crazy hacking stuff, I love that in the books, but have never seen it done (good) in any game, every game wants to be cheap and just have a stupid mini hacking game.  Even shadowrun returns which I am excited for has said there will be no cyberspace, PLEASE let us have cyberspace for hackers!  its the whole point of that type of person.

    Implants are very important, being able to walk into a chop shop, replace and arm/leg with new hardware, and get upgrades is important.

    The world needs to be living breathing with its own feel, the witcher 2 was good, and I loved vampire:TMB also.  

    Choices, I hate games like skyrim where you are railroaded into things, and the NPC’s are nothing but glorified sign posts, let us talk to NPC’s, let us have multiple dialog choices/trees (some based on skill/ability/knowledge), with different options/outcomes.  More dialog and choices is very important to me and probably one of the most important feature I want.

    Ah, want to type more but will be here all day otherwise, we really need a forum!

    • Console Cowboy

      Dialogue written with a good ear for speech will solve that decision about main protagonist voice-over. Players all have a voice they will use subvocally and greater player engrossment will result.

      A good story would also go a long way to answer your concerns about propelling the immersive artistic element, like a screenplay, while keeping the players focussed on their avatar.

  • Case

    I would highly recommend Far Cry 3 as an inspiration in designing an open-world game. Although it’s an FPS with some RPG elements, it’s primarily a great sandbox game. So much things to do and everything is connected. Your survival is dependant on both your combat and crafting skills. You can use the environment to your advantage and customize your equipment and weapons to suit your playstyle – stealth, aggressive or anything in between. 

    Overall – great implementation of various gameplay mechanics in a sandbox environment.

    • CowboyMistakesMan

      If this game is anything like Far Cry 3 it will be a disaster.

  • SchwarzeSonne

    I loved this post so much. It points out why incorporating every imaginable feature in the game is a bad idea, mentions some good approaches, vaguely shapes some directions the game is going to and by those means manages to be actual communication with the follower-base. Also it feels like an actual opinion instead of some shallow marketing speech. I hope we get see posts like this on a regular basis.

    When it comes to actual content, I have an issue with the Skyrim part – the world is big, there’s a whole lot to do and so on, but after a while it starts to feel like walking in a movie studio with nobody home and full of sets with nothing behind them. I really hope CDPR can sort this out and come up with a world that’s both open and immersive, instead of sacrificing the first for the latter.

    • Kohno

      Bethesda worlds are like Themeparks. There’s always a “new” ride after the next hill. And that’s part of the problem. While you look on the outside (nice scenery, wildlife running, etc), it looks gorgeous – it really does – but if you dig any deeper (ANY deeper), all you find is hasty repetition and shallowness. There is no depth in any of it what so ever (except for the scenery hunting – which seems like the core point of their games).

      I can’t really comprehend what is so popular in that design. It offers nothing but random hiking around, a core point in the game which is underlined by the abysmal storytelling element and a megaton of disjointed random features. I really can not see the appeal, unless you are willing to imagine content inside a videogame which, as a requirement of enjoyment in a videogame, sounds preposterous to me.

      /sorry for the rant, but I just had to…

      • SchwarzeSonne

        Heh, well put, exactly what I was after.

      • SchwarzeSonne

        And reading my comment again I noticed the “sacrificing the first for the latter”. Obviously it should be the other way around, with (I’ll put it harshly) the immersiveness coming before freedom. Sorry for posting two posts almost with no delay.

      • Console Cowboy

        @d3f1e3547d84331d8e847bd7f65fff26:disqus you have just articulated the difference between immersive game (Skyrim) and engrossing game. Players play engrossing games but only visit immersive games. Replayability is a product of that relationship.

      • Solo_dragun

        Intercourse is a repetitious ride too. You get tired of that too? Repetition is an all too often complaint for games now days in my opinion. Ac and skyrim haters alike band together under that same banner. I would have to argue that there may be a lack of creativity among many players that frequently cry of repetition. If there are options given to completion of a task or mission, then what’s the problem with multiple similar tasks or missions if it’s entertaining. Also in regards to large open world games, it’s important to focus on the artistic nature of video games. This to me includes vistas. Background, landscapes, all visuals add up to an experience in and of itself. I play a game of this type as much for what I might find and see next as I do for what might happen next in the way of story progression. In an urban 2077 world, I will not mind an expected and realistic level of monotony so long as the equally realistic diversity is also present.

  • Solo_dragun

    Maybe I am old school but I rather like the idea of classes and class restrictions. This to me in and of itself lends tons of replay value. Many avenues within the game being restricted to or at least being much more accessible to specific classes. Being as I do not have a particularly favorite class (because I love them all, with the exception of the media class type perhaps) I am much more likely to play through again just to see how things might play out differently as another character type. Also it seems everyone loves customization and uniqueness these days, myself included, so why not have the original or semi-original specific classes? Does this not embody the individualism and uniqueness of Cyberpunk? Why should it be necessary to begin the game with cyber? What’s wrong with you guys? Do you peek at your Christmas presents too? I want to work for my gear and the access to it. This is what makes for a unique and fulfilling experience. The sense of accomplishment from getting in good with that particular fixer that either swings a few credits your way or drops the name of a real good ripper doc that does real good cyber optic work in his basement is the perfect example of reward and customization through gameplay. Other than that I am extremely pleased that when you guys say sand box you are thinking more skyrim and less gta as those games are very linear and restrictive.

  • Solo_dragun

    I would love to see some “rise of the dragon” for sega cd elements in there too actually. That is if perhaps a blend of open world elder scrolls sandbox style and deus ex set pieces were implemented. A marriage of these two styles would be spectaculary fantastic for this game I think. But still, rise of the dragon at the least would be great for some inspiration. I actually think its set pieces, atmosphere and presentation would better represent a cyberpunk setting than deus ex. I’m not referring to the whole point click mechanic mind you but rather artistic direction, plot, characters and the graphically outdated backgrounds and sets. There was some outside the box thinking going on with this title back then that I admire. I say this because now that I think about it, it wasn’t all point and click mechanic actually. There was a rather large segment of the game that was side scrolling. Point click + side scrolling was pretty cool. I think a creative blend of in game presentation for this title would serve the genre and overall mood and feel of this title extremely well in addition to setting itself apart even further with truly unique, first of it’s kind, visual delivery and storytelling.

  • T_Gonzo

    If I got it right so far, the game will actually be somewhat sandbox city, with a gritty atmosphere and the city itself will have different situation or states based on players choice. Sounds amazing (and challenging). Somehow, this makes me think about the “one city block” game thing (Jim Rossignol wrote a nice piece about it at rockpaperscissor).

    Whenever I think about sandbox, I imagine whether it would be better if the scale was smaller, but richer. Even Skyrim feels somewhat empty and bland at times, because even if it has a magnificent scope and rich background, teh details are sometimes flat.

    What I would love to see is a smaller scale sandbox city, with interwoven quests. It would also be wonderful that the reasoning behind quests is other than: “I want that, can you help me?”. The world needs a reason to be, and this reason shouldn’t be serve as notice boards for the player. It would make the game so much more immersive. It is also nice if the options to approach a quest aren’t only: not kill anybody, kill them from afar or expldoe everything. More like parallel arches I would say.

    Another influence that should be taken from skyrim is the modding possibilities. I am not a modder myself, but it is amazing what people can do. Skyrim looks incredbly more beautiful and less bug prone with some mods. The same can be said about Dark Souls. By the way, that game should be also looked into to see how they handle different weapon types. It is a really nice weapon (although melee) system. Also, the music.

    And if this game is going to have multiplayer, please take a pge from Dark Souls, too.

    • Wisdom000

       I don’t agree with the notion that the map being huge and diverse some means richness must be sacrificed.  If the map is smaller, there seems to be a myth that you can explore more buildings.  But in reality, with a larger map, you just spread those explorable buildings out more… that doesn’t make the environment any more or less rich… But a smaller map creates the illusion of it by bundling those buildings together.

      At the same time, the smaller maps really break the immersion for me completely in a game like this.  Artificial barriers, that make no sense are a bane of video game standards, and every time I encounter one… whether it be a six inch ledge in Skyrim, or 3 foot tall wooden fence in Witcher 2, it’s almost a deal breaker altogether.  It hammers home the rails so to speak.  Alternatively, a smaller map, especially in a modern or futuristic setting sandbox game, also breaks the immersion in a sustainability sense.  Every GTA game but San Andreas, every Saints Row game, the Mafia games, all limit the game to an island that in no way could ever sustain its population. San Andreas, RDR, Just Cause, Mercenaries… they managed to give us huge worlds.  There are people who claim San Andreas felt empty… which is kinda the point of a desert and deep woods, but even there there were buildings that could be explored.  In fact there were more explorable building in San Andreas than any GTA game before it.

      I would, if given the choice, sacrifice a bit of graphic intensity for a larger world, as well as voice options for the main character.  This doesn’t mean I want crappy graphics, just that they don’t have to be “state of the art”… Deus Ex was absolutely gorgeous, but in the end the game was too limited, too confined, and too short, with no reason to ever pick it up again once the story was done.

      • T_Gonzo

        Up to a point, I agree with you. The problem I see there is purely the cost of the whole thing. I also don’t like arbitrary barriers, but it is equally bad if you just walk around a lot with not much aim, or jsut to give the illusion of a uge world. And that’s the point: the notion of world and map. I don’t care a lot the actual size of the map, but how it is filled. It is not so nice to call it a kingdom and see it composed of 7 cities with 50 or 70 inhabitants.

        That’s even the reason I poionted out the other article. It is possible to have a reasonable map with more content. In my opinion, it is just better than having a huge map whose sole purpose is to add lots of walking. It is not bad and I actually enjoy Deus Ex and Skyrim, but if a compromise, due to project constraints, must be made, I would vote for smaller maps and ricehr worlds.

      • Wisdom000

         Gonzo, presumably, since Cyberpunk 2077 is a sanbox set in a near future, there will be vehicles… meaning even if there are vast empty expanses outside Night City, with little in them but the occasional nomads or Raffen Shiv (Mad Max/fallout style nomad raiders), and derelict buildings, driving around unfettered in that expanse is still fun… This is why I keep referring to San Andreas.

        And its Cyberpunk, regardless of anything else, much of the city will be intensely crowded… the abandonment of the rural landscape and subsequent overpopulation of the remaining urban centers is kinda one of the main themes of the game.  I have little doubt that CDPR understands this completely. 

        Skyrims low population was definitely a failing of the game… although the low population worked with Fallout and New Vegas, and even RDR, because it made sense for the time and setting.  Also with fallout, because they made just about everyone interactable on some level, it got crazy… in Cyberpunk, with a ridiculously large population in the cities, things like that just aren’t necessary, nor would they be practical. 

        Heck for a well done sense of population in a fantasy game, look no further than Assassins Creed.  I am not a fan of the series due to the repetitious, boring, and frustrating missions structure, but the world the character inhabited was fantastically populated.

  • Solo_dragun

    Meant to post this way earlier by the way. I so very much loved the nod to baldur’s gate! Ever since that game released I prayed someone would use that same engine and make a cyberpunk or at least a good sci-fi title with it. I do so hope you guys keep that title in mind when considering capturing the essence of a pen and paper game when transitioning to digital.

  • Hopefully you’ll include some of the original characters like Dave Windham, Rogue, and Johnny Silverhand.

  • I think a good example of an open world game based on a PnP franchise is VTM: Bloodlines. By focusing on a single city and surrounding areas the game is able to provide a living, breathing world, let you explore it, do sidequests, and so on, without the world being bland or tasteless.

    It draws heavily off it’s source material, the gameplay, though live action fps style, uses the stats in such a manner that a character with low firearms is unlikely to succeed at using them in combat much (reason: It affects the aiming reticule), and generally the game, though buggy by the time Troika went under, feels novel, fun ,and emotionally resonant.

    When an area opened up, you could travel back to old areas and there would be new quests, which would often take place in multiple such locations. Examples include the “Muddy” quest that was present from the beginning chapter to close to the finale, and involved most of the areas.

    The main problem with the game, however, was that it was released in an unfinished state to capitalize on being the first source engine game, then Troika went belly up after it’s release before they could finish patching it. The fans however did an excellent job of completing the patching process.

  • Jim_Floyd

    I wait this game like a mad man and i allready know it will be the greatest video game of his time. (sorry for my poor english i’m french)
    I come here to propose my electronic compositions, for the night clubs of the game (i hope there are many and sexy)
    maybe this one?

    i put all my stuff on my blog:

    • Enigma

      I share the same feelings that many ofthe “Loyal Fan Base” have expressed about the “Cyberpunk 2077” game.

      Being in my 40’s and being able to play many games though out my life but never really and truly enjoyed a game before the “Witcher series” and the “grand Theft Auto” series.

      Why mention “Grand Theft Auto” simply because of the sheer expansion of these “sandbox” games.

      Having expressed my thoughts into “cyberpunkl2014” even up to this day.
      I must say that it is truly a fantastic and incredible experience to participate with the world.

      The Talent and interpretations and imagination from everyone that has played this game on pen and paper is by far the greatest contribution to man kinds belief that anyone and everyone can get together, work together, and share many experiences to create the most incredible game version of “Cyberpunk 2077”.
      For the world to enjoy.

      Having stated that:
      Here are some of my expressions that I would love to see in this game:

      Like in the Saints row series
      (gender,sex,height,Weight,eye color,hair color,style,facial hair,etc.)

      For human
      every type of clothing
      For cybernetic:
      Full Augmentations;
      (body,head, face,arm,hand,fore arm,wrist,waist, and legs).

      But given the choice to inter change at any given time in real time. To have synthetic human-like skin, an edo-metalic frame and true android, robot, cybernetic motion expressions and damage.

      For inspiration Look at the films:
      Ghost In The shell
      A.D.Police Files
      Deus Ex
      And other I may have not mentioned.

      Last year was the year of “Zombies”
      This year is considered the year of
      “Sci-Fi” and/or the “Robotic Year”

      Because “Sony” and others (To many to mention together) Are creating prototypes,
      Augmentations, and cybernetic bodies based from both Anime,Film and Print.
      I grew up reading, dreaming and collecting many types of products related to “cyber Augmentation” because of my love for this world of Sci-Fi.

      Only in third person perspective can we fully appreciate and be amazed to see and experience with our eyes when we see the Augmentations change in random sequences in realtime.

      For instance: Deus Ex
      if it had been a third person perspective
      it would have been a greater game than the first person perspective.

      To have control of the Augmentations for the character would not only be great to experience but would benefit the game better because would have a chance to at feel what it would be like to be an Augmented Individual.

      I for one truly Appreciate the attention to detail, contribution to your work, and love the way a Third person perspective can benefit this game.

      The freedom to have this game in third person and in a sand box game is what I and others have been waiting a life time For!!

      THANK YOU!

  • No mention of Morrowind!? Shame on you! 😛

    Otherwise great list.

  • CowboyMistakesman

    Totally disappointed with the majority of comments here. Seems as though everyone wants Cyberpunk 2077 to be a FPS with RPG elements rather than an RPG with… nope, just an RPG.

    Hopefully I’m not the only one who would suggest drawing inspiration from the recently rebooted XCOM series. Tactical turn based combat with mission-based strategy elements. You wouldn’t even need to drop the exploration open world part of it that makes Skyrim, Morrowind etc so fun.

  • Dbags

    this game needs to be hard and unforgiving. make the world really dangerous, so i will respect it. Open world games like skyrim are too easy. You never have to make decisions on where not to go, who not mess with etc(except at begining). After that you run head first into anything kill it , repeat. And lets face it , when something is really hard you really think. Am i going about this the right way? Am i strong enough? Maybe i missed something? Should i leave it be?
    Thats a concern.Its always better to have 2 smart tough enemies rather than 20 cut and paste zombie like foes who would love nothing more than to die. The combat needs to be as engaging as the story. Hopefully its in 3rd person that makes some use of first person.Not the other way round.
    I mean with an in depth character creation id like to see more of my character than just their hands.
    Also like to see alotta loot, indepth modding/crafting of weapons and gadgets.

  • i like what you wrote , it’s honest .

    could you watch the TV show Dark angel ? i think there are some aspects that you could use , i know it’s not cyberpunk but i just think it would be awesome ^^

  • I love you guys!! Share weekly concept art please?

  • One thing I think you need to do with this game in the firearms combat is something I haven’t really seen in any FPS games, much less FPS RPG, which is simply this: Suppressive Fire.

    One of the things CP2020 did super amazingly well for a Pen and Paper RPG is handle firearms combat, and included a kind of exhaustive coverage of small groups tactics with firearms (I’m thinking the Friday Night Firefight section of the CP2020 RPG). In my many years of gaming, I’ve always remembered Morgan Balckhand’s words of wisdom: “It’s not just having an automatic weapon that makes you a hard case. It’s knowing how to use that weapon effectively. A good combat gunner can deny an area, rake a group, or put a single round dead on target. And never run out of ammo doing it. — Morgan Blackhand” — CP2020 pg. 106. 

    A lot of games these days have been good at firing from cover– stuff like Mass Effect 2+ and Deus Ex: Human Revolution. But almost all of them have sucked at effective use of cover fire using an automatic weapon– mostly because these games have well earned the label “pop-up shooters” where the AI will force your target out of cover in order to give you a target to snipe at. 

    Effective implementation of suppressive fire would change FPS in a lot of ways, all of them for the better. 

  • mth

    I believe in you, demi-gods 😀 I trust you can pull off this enormous project as good as anybody or (probably) better.

  • Giant_Strider

    I would like a RPG Deus EX like

  • ProbablyJesus

    I just really hope this game has good music to help bring it to life.. as irrelevant as it may seem to some, I think a good soundtrack can really benefit a game and give it something extra


      The guy in charge of all the music quit over pay issues. This was after the guy in PR, and Mrktg for GOG, jumped ship into a completely different industry. DON’T HOLD YUR BREATH.

  • John Merced

    Man I’m just learning about this hole Cyberpunk world today and if you make this game any were near as good as The Witcher 3 is then I’ll be very happy!

  • Jason Harding

    WHY 2077 im gonna be old by then if it sucks then the creators are gonna be in for quiet a shock

  • ShoeTrax

    it’s awful quiet around here? or am I missing something, is this game coming in 2016?



      • ShoeTrax

        hey I start to hear them [crickets]!!.

        • INSIDER

          The THING that makes those crickets echo into infinity is the abandonment of all the posters from years – JESUS, HAS IT BEEN YEARS!? – ago. I have to assume everyone gets updated each and every time there is a post here. And yet….. all the hype and all the hullabaloo is….dead.
          The thing that killed this project is money. They brought in a bunch of expats and ignored expats already in Poland. There were so many stories to write for this game that choice became a barrier to the writing team, who were Polish. (The Head Writer’s project experience was writing an RPG blog… and if The Pondsmith’s went for that then you know Talsorian didn’t pony up the money for decent writing.) Then the money started to run out, GOG was funding cash flow for Witcher, then Witcher was funding cash flow for this project. Then Witcher had difficulties and the cash flow was used to work on it. And many people on this project just did not get compensated to their value. Verbal deals were broken. People left. The POlish were on their own and lacking the internal organisational structure to keep going. Mike hasn’t been to Poland for a long while. Truth be told, there never seemed a will to get this project done. And when it finally did get put onto the backburner, the handwriting on the wall, key people started to disappear. You do not do a AAA game like that, I am sorry. And I did not choose my “discus name” at random.
          So where is management here to refute the story I am writing? Silence tells you the answer. [crickets]
          Maybe, more than maybe, Mike & co are stuck with a contract that they cannot get out of without a financial penalty. So they’re running down the clock. Maybe they will try again with another developer.
          People are saying if it is as good as The Witcher….. but Cyberpunk, real cyberpunk as in the game we all want to play, is not The Witcher. Even at the kick off press conference the Polish were telling Pondsmith what he wanted to hear. [This is a complaint by the expat management on this project: their local teams were blowing smoke up their ass and the management had to work overtime to correct and often do the work of the teams. I ask you, who really wants to work in a reverse Team Bondi environment?]
          The answer is crickets.
          To be sure, mentioning Team Bondi, the industry is slave and master when it comes to project management. But what manager expects to be the slave to his slavic team? Talent leaves. Amateurs stay.
          Even this forum was mishandled from the get-go and people mentioned it here 3 years ago.
          1- Complain. 2- Deny wrongdoing. 3- Disappear. This is the local cultural modus operandi. Read this space, read the company posters and how they dis other games and how they’re going to make a unique Great AAA game. Read the posts denying there is any problem or that a problem is really small. And ask yourself if the echo of crickets really is the sound of a ghost ship?

          • ShoeTrax

            hmmm, and you have managed to tell that with one word [crickets] Game industry on this size is like politics, just like everything that orbits around a possible big pile of money. it’s called gravity!

            I’m really not the one to judge the lack of progress on this game. In some cases, a game is just not producible. As many other people, I did expect one big “BadaBoom” game called Cyberpunk2077 but instead I got one +1 person who gives a $#it and [crickets].
            See you in cyberspace Insider, and have a nice day!

          • INSIDER

            At least we’ve got each other. 🙂 And remember: WHAT IS DEAD MAY NEVER DIE! [The future of this project ultimately lies in the hands of Mike and Lisa Pondsmith and not CDReDProjekt]. Cheers!

          • ShoeTrax

            Cheers! I dink to that! to the Podsmith’s, and to your health! p.s. glad to have you

  • wigjump

    I pray the studio looks to Masamune Shirow (Appleseed, Ghost in the Shell) for inspiration! God knows what Hollywood will do with GITS, but Shirow’s works are world-renown and spectacular, born of the same sources as Cyberpunk 2020 and close cousin to this game…

  • Oldc8k

    I really like the rocker styles, but a classic suit and tie always looks cool too. I hope they put that in.

  • Josh Wilson

    Soooooo…who’s looking forward to this then? I’m eagerly awaiting this but in the meantime we have Deus Ex: Mankind Divided to give us our dose of Cyberpunk and that timeless classic Blade Runner.

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  • dynamite177

    What about fallout 1? The way that game gave you missions and leaves figuring out how to make it to the next part totally up to the player was godlike. It’s not enough just to offer up multiple approaches to a quest to the player on a silver platter, the player needs to be able to discover those routes through exploration and smart decision making because otherwise it’s not an adventure. The lack of a quest log also helped in this. Can you guys maybe add that as a game option? Best of luck <3