Recipes for kick-ass cyberpunk games #3

Two weeks ago we asked you to share with us your favourite CyberPunk dish. The response was excellent, and there were some succulently lengthy posts. Here are 5 hand-picked ingredients:

Case: Deus Ex.

“Deus Ex rewards you for solving missions and exploration, not for killing your enemies. That’s why this “do whatever you want” approach works so well.”

Rewarding exploration and passive approach to mission solving – I couldn’t agree more.  Rewarding you for killing a bunch of punks is still cool, right?

Edd Potts: the relatively unknown Tom Clancy’s’

“In the game you’re the head of a corporation trying to compete with other corporations, whether by outselling them or doing more entertaining things such as hacking their servers, firebombing their offices or kidnapping their CEO.”

Evil Corporations play a huge part of any good  CyberPunk worlds and managed to approach it from a different point of view – Good pick.

Hangmans Tree: Black Light Revolution.

“I’m in love with the design. Its only an online shooter, but it’s the cyberpunk flavor I get high on. It has the essence, the flow, high and low, its razor sharp with fast paced action. You can plan and use different tactics.”

Black Light is a straight up shooter, even more so than say Dystopia (discussed last month) but it’s a fast paced Cyberpunk themed game that should not be ignored, especially since it’s free.

Master_Drow:  E.Y.E Divine Cybermancy.

“Had a great atmosphere and allowed multiple ways to complete any objective. Plus you could buy new cyberware and weapons, get drones.

YES! I was hoping somebody would mention this game. Now I know it has magic, and like you Master_Drow we do not advocate magic in 2077 as it would make no sense, but this game definitely had some excellent CyberWare augmentations as well as, as you mentioned, a great atmosphere.

Piotr Skorok: Beneath a Steel sky

“One of best cyberpunk stories ever told. And that is an important thing, if you want to create good cRPG…”

Excellent point. We talk about gameplay, weapons and style but people often forget to mention an immersive story that takes you by the nuts and shows you the real, gritty Cyberpunk universe. By the way, Beneath a Steel Sky is available for free at and I would highly recommend you guys check it out.

On a sidenote: If you enjoy it, let the nice people at Revolution Games in York know that you are looking forward to the sequel, I know I am.

  • Wisdom000

    Cyberchef didn’t leave us much to talk about with this post, but I will congratulate everyone who was recognized and I will also say this.  I am truly impressed with all of the people who post here.  I may not agree with everything everyone has to say, but at no point has the discourse ever gotten out of hand, so far its been almost universally polite.  The comments have all been very well spoken as well, you don’t see that much nowadays, especially when it comes to video game discussion.  I am glad to be a part of the Cyberpunk 2020 community, and glad to be a part of the Cyberpunk 2077 community, I think its a very good fit indeed.

    CdProject, I want to thank you, not only for making the video game I have been waiting for since 1991, not only for communicating with us and keeping us updated event his early in the game… but also because you truly seem to be listening to the fans, and seem to be allowing us, now matter how insignificantly, to have some effect/influence on what you are doing with the game. 

    Oh, and not to keep beating the dead black lace addict in the alley… but any idea, even just a rough guess, as to when the forums will be up and running?

    • cybercyber

       i totally agree with everything you said

      • Ethan Copitch

        I would also like to tack on my appreciation of the developing community and the company that is allowing us to participate, at least in voice, with the development of this game. 

        It is truly refreshing to see.

    • Sardukar

       I’d agree, but I reflexively despise everyone on the Internet. Yes, even myself.

       Now, forums, please?

       And I’d reiterate that System Shock 1 – Hellooo Shodan, my old nemesis – had not only some great hacking, but the best AI villain ever.

  • Case

    Creating a great open-world RPG is not an easy task, but you guys can definitely do it. Thanks for the key 🙂

  • plugav

    “Rewarding you for killing a bunch of punks is still cool, right?” – Sure, but only as long as “kill a bunch of punks” was your objective. That’s what Deus Ex (and Dark Messiah) got right and Human Revolution got wrong. I know murder is the RPG way, but one of the most striking features of DE was (and still is) that how you dealt with enemies never affected your experience gain. (Sorry, I’m being smug and obvious, aren’t I?)

    By the way, it seems to me that most existing cyberpunk games tend to embrace the corporate and technological aspects of the genre. But are there any titles that you’d call punk?

    • Sardukar

       You got the most XP in DXHR for a non-fatal melee run-through with lots of hacking and clever conversations.
        You received the least for a shoot-them-all speed-run.

       Not that XP mattered after Hengsha or so, since you had plenty to get the best goodies and most of the rest was padding. Fun padding.

        How you deal with enemies probably should affect your XP gain – I can tell you that the  stealthy, non-lethal melee takedown game is tough and forced me to plan and think. Shoot and scoot was easy and I learned pretty much zip from it.

       All of this on GMDX diff. Lower diff would change the effort involved, of course.

        Probably would have been better if they’d rewarded stealth/melee differently from shoot-scoot players, though. So each playstyle gets rewards appropriate to the methods employed.

       Something for CDPR to think much on, no doubt: reward scheme.

      • Kohno

        “Something for CDPR to think much on, no doubt: reward scheme.”

        Perhaps it would be best for them to approach the XP situation by rewarding only the completion of a given task.

        There could be some specifically tailored bonuses for different approaches in the end to reward the chosen path, but the bulk could come from the task it self, not so much how you tackle it.

        That way there’d be no discrimination of any chosen path (where a lot of RPG’s stumble); and balancing of the XP gain and general character progress could be much easier.

        For an ouside example, VtMB did it fairly well – imo.

      • Baudolino05

        I agree as always, Kohno. Rewarding players for their achievements, like the original Deus Ex and Bloodlines do, is clearly the best solution to the XP problem in RPGs. 
        Players that gain experience for their actions tend to do stupid things, like killing guards that don’t bother them, hacking systems whereof they know the password, or, even worse, running around Tamriel jumping like an idiot. If you really wanna encourage the role-play in your game, you NEED an approach a la Deus Ex (the original one) or a la Bloodlines…PS: VtMB is also an epitome of how to encourage “replaybility” in an RPG. I had 3 runs with this game, the first one with a Nosferatu, the second with a Brujah and the third with a Malkavian. Every time was a different game…

      • CPGM

        That is why except from the reward system, the punishment system has to be foreseen as in real life. For killing to much people (if you are not a solo) the humanity poits could be substracted not to mention cops and other secret services to chsing you around. Like in real life though!

        • Archmic

          Your humanity rating in cp2020 was more of an emotional thing until you started getting down to 4 or 5. You can be a serial killer and still be in touch with your humanity. In fact there’s a gang that actively hunt people with cybernetics; it never affected their humanity.
          I just feel that losing your humanity for killing people would seriously affect what the game can offer. The lower your humanity (empathy score) the less affective certain skills were and the less cyberware you could have. Along with the fact that you could enter cyberpsychosis alot easier.
          It also kind of puts those people who’s job is to kill, like solos, in constant danger. Simply becoming numb to doing something shouldn’t give you a penalty to your humanity.

  • Wogule

    Ugh, my mistake in the name of the game got copied.. it’s  Blacklight: “Retribution” not Revolution”… well, now I am the silly one on the internets :]

    And here we have it, from congratulations, smoothly, to discussing xp rewarding mechanisms of a future title ;D
    I just hope the toombs of afterlife will keep the level of convos. Lets keep it away from fantasy Trolls’ Land, heh.

  • Hangmans’ Tree

    why was I log in with other account as wogule? O_O

  • Blackanese89

    What I want more than anything is a mature game for mature adults. Sexual content, violence, language and philosophy should of course be moderated, but not restricted or watered down. I want an M-rated game, not a T-rated one.

    Ultimately though, the game should be fun lol if any of these impede upon that then it’s not worth it.

  • Tyrell


  • cybercyber

     when will you post something new about 2077?

    the waiting is killing me 🙁

  • cybercyber

    I really like your recipe posts

    Will you also make one about movies?
    everyone knows that movies are also a big inspiration for game creater. many will think first at Bladerunner but i would also show you another movie. i dont know if you know him but its also a cyberpunk movie an anime movie called Mardock Scramble. Anime Cyberpunk is as you sure know a good inspiration for your game. If you dont know it it would be really good if you watch it.

    • cybercyber

       you should also watch Ghost in the shell.
       really good cyberpunk!!

      • Baudolino05

        Yes, they definitely should. I could argue that that no graphic reference would be more appreciated than Ghost in the Shell: Innocence’s (the second OAV)…

  • cybercyber

    Marry Christmas everyone 🙂 🙂

    Wow yet i realiced that your cyberchef wears earrings 😉 cool hope there will be many piercings in the game :))

    • cybercyber

       sorry Merry Christmas


      Wesołych Świąt

  • CPGM

    Let me express again that the way this forum is structurised is totally unprofessional an I don’t like it.

    • CPGM

      And please do not refer me to another facebook site cause I do not use facebook and I don’t like it. I had FB stock from the beginning of IPO and kept them short.
      I want a real forum with moderation, threads, groups and time stamped.

      • Deckard

         The real forum is coming.

    • Deckard

       This is a blog…

  • The first system shock may have taken place on a space station, but it prob. was what got me to take a second look at cyberpunk.

  • Like
    someone pointed out, there are a lot of games we can call cyber, but I can’t
    think of none who got right that rebellious punk attitude/style. And a crude
    and unpolished look is a way to achieve this. I’m thinking of Quake 3 character
    called Anarki that was once defined as the “quintessential
    cyberpunk”. His implants were not smooth and shiny. Quite the opposite:
    Makes you think of bad infections, antibiotics and you just want to stay away
    from him. That sort of nasty thing helps build up the atmosphere, right?

    Oh, and someone mentioned about a recipe post about movies… that would be great too.

    Remember “Repo Man”, the one with Jude Law?
    It’s just so sad and evil… just great. Loved the idea of hired guns after people who could not afford their implants and organs to cut them open and take back the product…

    • Kilravok

       Things don’t need to look like badly assembled factory rejects to be cyberpunk. There are many systems and implants there were designed to be utterly invisible (hidden gun holster in the thigh just as one example).
      The nasty and infectious implants and malfunctions would be more like a fumble result of the NPC when you have your illegal upgrades done by a street doctor. All legal hardware can be done in any normal hospital and working for corps, you can get licensed upgrades with normally illegal hardware, both would be very clean and healthy….until you go cyber psycho….

    • Kilravok

       There are many movies that would fit and are considered either inspired by CyberPunk or CyberPunk being inspired by them.  The most classic being Bladerunner.  But there is also Repo Man, Lawnmower Man, John Mnemonic, ……
      There even is a multitude of Anime/Manga that would fit, Appleseed, Ghost In the Shell, AD Police, Bubblegum Crisis, Cyber City Oedo 808, Summer Wars, AccelWorld, ….

      Cyberpunk as a story setting is one of the most flexible settings since it can still include all themes and genres of storytelling, romance, crime, mystery, drama, espionage, war, erotic/porn, horror, suspense, comedy, utopian/dystopian, social, philosophical, anything goes…

  • Max Rushman

     When cooking in the kitchen need to know not only how to cook, but also how not to do it.

    Here is an example (possible spoilers) — “Deus Ex Human Revolution” – it seemed to be a great game, but this game has a very unpleasant features:
    1) Squalid post-processing filter of image (Who said it was a crappy gold filter?).
    2) Incorrect dynamic fights and weapon balance (Why not give the hero the opportunity to run and to use parkour aka free running, in some cases, thus adding momentum to the action elements of the game?).
    3) Videos with mediocre graphics quality and middling resolution, which does not appear interactively real-time rendering on the graphics engine (Who said that the Full HD 1080p video takes up a lot of disk space? Why can not be applied for the true CGI-prerendering?) ;
    4) Cut out from the main storyline for subsequent sale in the form of DLC (Why could not create a parallel story in the upper city with gleaming skyscrapers Hengsha?).
    5) Disgusting straight bosses and their inability to pass except by killing them (Why not allow to even talk to them? May cost them to offer a bribe? Or crack their implants remotely? Or just hide in the ventilation, and wait there for a few minutes, while the boss does not get tired and leave himself?).
    6) Quite a controversial last chapter (Who said that the zombies are not human?).
    7) Disgusting and straight finals of the game with are too simple and coarse branching (Why was it necessary to do just such a branching storyline? Why was not the super-secret hidden endings? Why was not the open-ending? Why was not the alternative endings in case of fail of hero?).

    What would be the endings, if I did this game:
    “Adam learns that his girlfriend has become an integral part of biological quantum-supercomputer. And he has to make a difficult choice:
    – Disconnect her from the supercomputer with the AI, but it has a high risk of death, and thus stop the terrible torment for her.
    – Or keep her alive, but as part of a supercomputer with the AI, but then his beloved will be doomed to eternal suffering.
    – Or Adam can connect itself to the supercomputer and try to break it from the inside (You, too, love the hardcore puzzles with cracking? And subsequent coition, confluence & fusion with Super-AI!).”
    The main would be the open-ending — then the player himself will think through what was going to happen as a result of his actions (Who said that players do not have brains?).
    Types of endings could have significant differences depending on the complete player actions, behavior and decision-making in the course of the game (Who said that a simple set of proposals in the videos it’s too easy?).

    In general, if you (CDPR & Mike) are really interesting examples for inspiration, analysis, ideas, and develop your project, you will still need to look at this:
    – I think, first of all, is the original manga – “Ghost in the Shell” (1989+), anime-film “Ghost in the Shell” (1995), and subsequent continuation and series (for example, the episode of “Laughing Man”).
    – “Akira” (1982+) manga & anime-film “Akira” (1988) – amazing, epic, cult, strong, energetically and beautifully (just read for inspiration.)
    – “Battle Angel Alita” (1990+) manga & anime-film “Battle Angel” (1993), known in Japan as “Gunnm” (Do not think that I love so much anime and manga, but most classic of the genre was already mentioned in your blog, so here as an alternative.)
    – “The Animatrix” (2003) – short anime-films impressed me even more than the original film.
    – “2001: A Space Odyssey” (1968) – visual style, atmosphere and presentation (look for inspiration on the license BD with high quality digitized version from the original 70 mm release of large colored for great cinemas of IMAX-type).
    – “Mirror’s Edge” (2009) – Although it is not cyberpunk, but you’ll be sure to thoroughly consider this game as an example for the visual style of sterile dystopia (for example, such might be the upper town Hengsha in DX3HR); as well as an example of a dynamic action of first-person with elements of parkour aka free running (which, I think, unfairly ignored in the modern games), in addition, there is a very pleasant sound.

    Sorry for my bad English.

    • Gwathdring

       I think it’s unfair to call the the fight dynamics “incorrect.” Deus Ex: HR was going for a very particular feel in it’s fights and I think it successfully accomplished what it seemed to be after. It might not be your favorite fighting dynamic, but the absence of parkour and the emphasis on fliting from cover to cover hardly makes the system inferior and certainly doesn’t make the game less cyberpunky.

      The boss battles were problematic and I think the story might have worked better with a single, non-branching ending, but taken as a whole I found Deus Ex: HR to be a fun, interesting game with a lot of slick moves at it’s disposal. It’s a fantastic cyberpunk world with great dialog and characters and while it’s by no means the best cyberpunk game out there, it’s by no means a poster child for how NOT to make a cyberpunk game.

    • John

      Want to thank you for warning of spoilers when discussing Deus ex human revolution cause I almost read it and ruined he game which I just started playing.
      Any tips on how to play btw?

    • I don’t think that titles like “Neuromancer” or “Virtual Light” by W. Gibson needs to be mentioned here. But there is one title that I think that developers may know very well. It is “Black Oceans” (“Czarne Oceany”) by polish s/f writer J. Dukaj 😉 I think that atmosphere and the world described in that book is pure essence of Cyberpunk 2077. In one of short reviews someone said that is the world of near future that no one of us would like to be in, but inevitably we are heading towards it. Few ideas in this book are really mind blowing and definitely should appear in the game 😉 Great stuff CD Projekt you are making many people dreams come true by taking this approach to this game and system 😉 Can’t wait for it!!

    • In regards to a parkour element in this game I think if it is a third person game then this NEEDS to happen. If I have good reflex/mobility scores I should have awesome jumping and running animations to be some sort of escape artist. This works especially well with a cover based combat system where I can nimbly move from cover to cover. The only reason I would say not to include this is because it will take up time, not be fully developed and take away from a better game element.

      • ransom bot

        Like mirrors edge? or the matrix? Hard to do without an open world without using some sort of invisible walls being more painful part of why I think Deus EX HR never really had it. That said it’s kinda silly to get strength ups and not be able get over or just straight through a small blockade in the road, much less dexterity or mobility. Or wonder why you can brake a bazillion clay pots with a sword 4 times your size in dark souls but not smash down a decrepit wall.

        unrelated but related to the OP

        “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”

        — Arthur C. Clarke

        Smart dust is a reality now and can let you “see” whats happening around you. Like an oracle of delphi. Just like a lighter and a can of wd40 would make you a fire wielding mage in king arthur’s court. (it’s good for killing bugs too). That said hopefully it’s got an explanation better than Element zero closes every plot hole with mass(ive) effect.

        Another thing that I don’t know of really any games that do, but have an AI director put some life in. Like watch_dogs where you hack into peoples lives and see them but change it so every time it’s a bit different like a rouge like or a daggerfall dungeon. Or one of those 80’s movies where people are fighting and some extra get’s in the way. Adding life and chaos to combat and just exploring, better than just getting EXP from books it’s seeing something unique and different every run, and maybe for the only time ever. People watch (google map) and other videos just for that. Those sorts of things when they exist are always scripted, and you skip them next run or wish you could because your stuck watching something again you wish you could. Heck if your trying to do the same mission for the 3’d or 4’th time maybe have a bum let you know there’s a back door and you don’t need to hide in the shadow of that card for the 4th time and die again.

  • I would like to see the future of the black market on the internet in 2077.  For those playing 2077 as any sort of criminal unaffiliated with megacorporations, there should be a way to become a buyer and seller of all things illegal that arrive at the players’ home. Things such as drugs and guns, even assassinations.  Say you are a futuristic hitman, you would do business in the black market of the internets.  Of course hacking would be a skill to get these perks.  

    Also, just finished playing Hitman: Absolution and the stealth gameplay is after my own heart.

    If Cyberpunk 2077 can implement anything from that game from the cover system to the instinct as an implant would be dope in my opinion along with point shooting.  Hell I hope the fiber wire weapon will make it to 2077.

    Thank you guise, I know you have our best interests at heart.

    • Kilravok

       That is what I mean with giving Fixer enough to do to be a fully play and develop-able character class.  But most likely that won’t happen, just as the some of the other CyberPunk classes like Rockstar, Nomad Techie won’t be fully developed. I hope I am wrong there, they all are nice roles in their own right and deserve the same amount of detail and development as the Solo, Corporate and Cop.
      As for technology and stealth, they are almost a must nowadays for any kind of futuristic setting, even if they are just blunt ego-shooters.  Let’s juts hope for the best.

  • AugmentedBaller

    Hot. Cyborg. Babes. 

  • Lane 1987

    Whenever i hear the song
    Velvetine – The Great Divide (Seven Lions Remix) i cant help but think of all things cyberpunk. So in my opinion, tunes like that one would be a major ingredient of a cyberpunk game recipe. Very interested to see the approach people at CD Project will take in designing the score for this game.

  • salvagesalvage

    Just saw the trailer.



  • Did anyone bring up Shadowrun?

  • Cr0atian

    Thank you for making Games

  • nick

    ive been waiting for a cyberpunk 2020 game for like 17 years now. thank god youre the ones making it. 

  • Stas Simovski

    LOL that picture is so true! I it’s in every single cyberpunk game!

  • Well if you want a good dish .. put everything Neuromancer (William Gibson) in it .. it’s the origin of everything cpyberpunk… and a good touch of Shadowrun (a good source storyline-wise??) 

    • Kilravok

       There is not really that much story difference between CyberPunk and ShadowRun, they are both in dystopian metropolis, corporation owned governments and cyber wars in the outskirts….the main difference is that ShadowRun has the mutagenic pandemic in its history, creating all the metas and magical abilities…and the humanitas extremists and mutant rights movements as political result to the mutations…other than those “fantasy” elements, the story and setting are the same.  I think Vampires in Chrome and Harlequin were released as response to ShadowRun, to not loose the players who want some magic in their CyberPunk stories.

  • I would just LOVE to see some netrunning and discovering Night City from all angles using implants –  rooftops to sewers 🙂 Also I think advanced character customization options would be really sweet, every character would be truely unique and interesting, not like some generic looking characters… Anyway, keep up the good work! Powodzenia!

    • Kilravok

       That would be definitely awesome.  The more to discover the better, in “meat-space” of Night City and on the net.  Most games for me are about completing the map and discovering every Easter egg, or even just seeing all the magnificent landscapes (I was disappointed when the edge of the Skyrim map was announced not by impassable mountains but by a flash notice “You can’t go there”, and I found some nice loot far away from any quest.).  Discovering shady alleys, hidden backstreets and hard-to-reach tower rooftops are as much an achievement for me as beating a sub-boss, and even in the pen&dice form of the game, I always wanted to run through the net.

  • ravex

    Did anyone mention Chaos Overlords ? And also Oni. Oni received the most praise for its smooth character animation
    and large array of fighting moves, as well as how it blended gunplay and
    melee combat(wiki copypasta) I liked Oni combat. In Wither 2 it was 1 button reckless mashing.

  • Just found about about the game and want to say that it sounds awesome. From my experience of witcher(s) I am sure you guys are going to do a great job.

    Many cyber-future games has been already mantioned but personally my idea for cyber-game like that would be closely related to anime like
     “Appleseed”(2004) or “Ghost in the shell”(95/”2″04)

    Looking forward to putting my hands on the game once out.

    Good luck 😉

    • Kilravok

      Sure, GitS and AS would also be great inspirations for story arch, as would be AD Police, Bubblegum Crisis, maybe Geno Cyber, and naturally, how can anyone miss that, Cyber City Oedo 808.  Would be great if some of the NPCs would reference to the main cast of that series (or if the main cast could be met), and it would be logical also, since they were on the cover of every main book of RPG.

  • Wintermute

    What about Rez?

    Rez is a great game, mixing a 3D rail shooter “Space Harrier” style game with a musical techno game.

    It’s one of the few games where you really feel the music, deeply attached to the gameplay. There’s subtle themes about life, consciousness and so much more. It’s an entirely own world that is digital, but also inspired by real world stuff.

    The game is set in futuristic computer “supernetwork” called the K-project where much of the data flow is controlled by an AI
    named Eden. Eden has become overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge
    gathered on the network, causing her to doubt her existence and enter a
    shutdown sequence, which would create catastrophic problems everywhere
    should she be able to complete this. The player plays the protagonist
    hacker, logging into the K-project system to reboot Eden while
    destroying any viruses or firewalls that happen to inhibit progress, and
    analyzing other sub-areas of the network to gain access to Eden’s
    location. The K-Project name and much of the game’s visual and synesthesia inspiration comes from the Russian painter Wassily Kandinsky, whose name is mentioned at the very end of the game credits, whereas the Rez name was inspired by the Underworld track of the same name.

    I’d say is one of the last games by the true SEGA: Experimental, different, beauty and a groundbreaking experience for smart game players.

    There is a great text about the story inside Rez, that is quite interesting.

    Highly recommended to read, it brings many topics.

  • GazMays Blob

    посмотрел ролик и сразу вспомнил  Blade Runner

  • Kilravok

    Personally, I would start at looking at the original Cyberpunk 2025/2032 pen&dice RPG and go from there.  It already has everything the cyberpunk universe needed, evil corps, private para-military police forces, doc wagon/trauma team, corruption, gang wars, black market, street docs….it in itself has so much to offer for good immersive stories.  And if that is not enough, add some Shadowrun magic to it, not that that would be needed thanks to the Cyberpunk original Harlequin Trilogy and the Vampires in Chrome add-on.  Just remember, the cyberpunk campaign setting was mainly about corporate espionage, only very small amount street battles and gang wars.  Gang wars would serve well though for networked multiplayer modes or for PvP if the game ends up being MMO.
    And I would be very disgruntled if the class roles and story archs for Fixer, Techie or Netrunners were under-developed (if it is a single-player game, I bet it will based around a Solo, Cop or Corporate 🙁 ).
    As for game mechanics, no need to look at other games either…it has all the systems for skills and combat there, just digitize it and teach the game engine how to use them.
    The UI you want to keep uncomplicated and may look at other games, Deus Ex, Metal Gear Solid 2 and 3, Skyrim, Fallout3, Fear3, Secret World, …..

  • CpatTom

    I love the concept. My cup of tea right here, and the teaser looks great.

    I am still pretty stuck on tf2, which gives me the idea: why not put in some mechanisms for user generated missions and story lines?

    Granted building a community like tf2 has might take some time and effort, but putting the players in control of the destiny of the characters was always what I enjoyed about old pen and paper games. Develop the right tools and reward the folks who do a good job generating content (a la the mann co store) and the game becomes nearly infinitely re-playable.

    Just a thought, and the logistics of implementing something like that might be out of reach, but one I thought worth sharing with such an intelligent crowd here.

  • Icebreaker888

    I think you may find this list useful, at least story-wise:

  • Another thing about Deus Ex(1) that I’m not sure was mentioned by that guy is that it uses the amount of skill versus level to determine you combat effectiveness which I hear you guys want to accomplish. Another thing is I can’t stress enough is weapon accuracy. The difference between a true Action RPG and an Action Game with RPG elements is that an Action RPG you are next to useless, or useless, with little to no skill in any skill or talent. So if you aren’t good with a sniper rifle it’s scope will waver. If you aren’t trained well in a pistol your shots can miss more easily with a pistol. Now an Action Game with RPG elements would be where training in a weapon just adds shiny toys to your gun like bigger clips, more damage and fire speed. Mass Effect 1 and Deus Ex 1 are Action RPGs and Borderlands and Deus Ex: Human Revolution are Action Games with RPG elements. A lot of the normal target audience for game designers(most disposable income) would complain about this… However this is also people between ages 13-19 and they play awful games like Call of Duty and has fed to the problem of most modern games just plain sucking. The mature audience who loves RPGs will love and appreciate what you can learn from Deus EX 1 and Mass effect 1 with the weapon accuracy system(s) in an true RPG. I seriously hope no one covered this already and that this is taken into consideration…. =X

    • Helmic

      Another latepost.

      I’m not sure that having horribly inaccurate weapons is integral to the RPG experience. In a CRPG where you’re not actually performing the attacks yourself, it works fine. However, a major complaint about the original Deus Ex is that weapons feel like utter ass until you’re pretty far into the game.

      Weapon accuracy is a bad, bad thing to make suck. In a FPS (RPG or otherwise), there’s nothing more frustrating than playing well but not hitting the broad side of a barn because none of the guns reward your player skill.

      To compare to the Witcher 2, you don’t ever miss attacks because you’re not high enough level. Instead, you get more options and more damage/defense as you level up.

      For Cyberpunk 2077, it’d be cooler if we eschewed XP entirely and based progression ENTIRELY on cybernetics. There it makes sense that someone is doing more damage as the game progresses (they earned more money and bought a harder hitting gun, they’ve got a better HUD that makes it easier to notice sneaking enemies). Accuracy is still something that can be improved over time, but it should never suck.

      You’re also kind of falling for that “Call of Duty” fallacy where someone that plays X genre or game is somehow incapable of enjoying Y genre or game. Like the idiots that compare Dark Souls and Skyrim (FUKKIN CASULS).

      • Archmic

        While I agree about the gun thing; I can’t and won’t agree on the cyber ware. Cyberpunk 2020 is entirely skill and stat based. You were never a level 3 solo; you were a solo with a combat awareness skill of 3, pretty much meaning you were a rookie, but you could have a handgun skill of 10 and a reflex of 8 meaning you were one of the best gunslingers in town.
        Exp was used to buy your skills up, besides raising them by use, with cybernetics giving you a few useful upgrades. I played my characters like EU and the younger generation solos; style and skill over chips and chrome. It always gave me an advantage over a chipped opponent in pretty much every aspect; unless I was doing something like a shooting competition or a martial arts tourney where I wasn’t allowed to improvise; just to name a few.
        Sure, a cyber ed up guy could pretty much waste me in a fist fight; though an Arno or a sawed-off kept that to a minimum; my ability to slip through security points, lie; and if I messed up on a mission; not have to worry about the police bringing heavy artillery to come and get me, easily out weighed the fact that I wasn’t a 300+ lbs walking tank with the emotional understanding of a toaster.
        Don’t get me wrong a played with friends who loved being the big powerful toaster, but more often than not getting them into high security places or asking them to watch a prisoner usually ended with someone; either myself or the corps or the police; cleaning blood and circuits off the floor.

  • Cyberzebub

    I started to watch the TV show Continuum, whose story also takes place in the year 2077. 

    I personally think the series creators are more or less on the same page in portraying the year 2077 as Cyberpunk 2077: the Mega Corporations governing over people, and the rebel gang revolting against those corporations, etc. 

    I especially like the time travel plot of the series, and am thinking that time travel element could be a great asset to Cyberpunk 2077 game: considering that it will allow the deep and paradoxical story-line for the game CDPR is looking forward to creating.   

  • Forgetit

    If this game includes a tight, fully considered system of hacking / netrunning as well as Augmented Reality tech, rather than just being a bunch of solo chrome warriors running around, I’m sold.

  • I´ve been long waiting for a game in which player decissions along the story have a drastic effect: opening new missions, closing paths, making events happen, etc…
    I played RPG as “game master” and for me it was key to make players think they were building the story. 
    If Cyberpunk 2077 combines a powerfull decission making (even wrong decissions) with a futuristic William Gibson atmosphere, the game will be not only a sucess but a revolution.  

  • Lately I´ve been reading William Gibson books and I realized how important clothes and fashion are. A good cyberpunk game should reflect that, giving the player the possibility to personalize outfit, spending lots of money in clothes and acessories.

  • The Xtreme Kiwi

    Hi I just have a question for the devs. Have you watched ghost in the shell and ergo proxy?. I highly recommend it so that you can get another perspective on cyberpunk or at least more knowledge and experience both are centered about the genre who am I and what is human in a cyberpunk atmosphere

  • solitary_core

    hm i’d prefer a rough mixture of Albert Pyun’s “Nemesis”, especialy Alex Rayne’s struggle with his coincesness if he is still human or a machine.
    Blend that with Hideo Kojima’s “Snatcher”, the presentation of the very kojimaesque storyline with its twists around Dr Elijah Modnar is still great, besides the various reference to cyberpunk heritage.
    Add some spicy maniac a.i. like “Shodan”, loved her character in “system shock 2”, no real cyberpunk game will be complete without an ‘immortal machine’.
    Cook that up with any amount of bullfrog’s “Syndicate”, evil megacorperation are not evil enough if they haven’t theyre own army of enhanced agent fullfilling theyr dark deeds and assasinations.
    At last but not at least add more “bubble gum crisis”, the whole 80ies cyberpunk anime stuff still have some glamour and style wich is still unmatched…

    besides the allready mentioned other classics like NGE, RoboCop, Matrix, Deus Ex, GitS and so on …. so don’t Blame! me

  • Seth Marin

    I was hoping to here that this game would incorporate a relationship system with the NPCs of the world the would grow or diminish by your interactions with them and others. It would be hard to be any type of Fixer if everyone could get the gear u sell the same way. If u develop a relation with the gunsmith, armorer, cyber-tech or your drug pusher the more rarer gear should become available to you. you could also consider NPC relationships between one another. Getting friendly with one might not go so well with others or might. This check and balance of relationships allow for a richer game play and makes you feel like u are a part of the world. Your actions need to leave a lasting impression even if for a month.

  • Headline

    Let’s not forget Dystopia. In my Opinion it’s was the best Multiplayer-Shooter with Cyberpunk Elements and i loved it. The Design of the Cyberspace is Brilliant and i would realy enjoy a good looking Cyberspace in the Game. I also like the HUD with all different Objektives on every Map. Plus you can build your Class on the situation fast. Blacklight retribution has a great Graphic and Weapon-customisation but it’s a simple Shooter like cod black ops 2 with an backpack with some stuff.

  • Kyle849

    I’m surprised nobody’s mentioned Snatcher for the Sega CD! I think it did a great job of capturing the sleaze, drugs, blood, guts and guns of Cyberpunk. It was a great story. Also, Hideo Kojima’s follow-up Policenauts was another great point and click adventure even though it wasn’t released in America.

  • countZero

    Hi im a big fan of the cyberpunk 2020 game. I allways liked to make street punks for my characters. see Solo of Fortune supplement, for in my opinion they are the true cyberpunks.
    I would like to make my own and customize my own gang and customize gangs criminal activities. ect.
    compete for turf in the combat zone.
    You could have a generic story tree for each gang type for the custom gangs.
    and a special story tree for characters that join one of the many gangs in night city,

    like the character story for a character that joined up with The Bozo would be completely different from the character that joined up with the Voodoo boyz. or the wild things.
    but why stop at gangs let me make or join up or get hired with existing organizations and Corperations. heck let me solo for parmedic trauma team if I want too.
    let me go in orbit
    parchute out of air planes.
    scuba dive and explore the depths of the ocean to find sunken treasure. (pirates in PT boats awesome) (Black Lagoon cool anime)
    an if theres motor cycles let me road rash it up with some hand to hand or melee combat let me stick a pipe in there spokes or smack them in the head with a string of lug nuts or drag some poor fool with a chain. (see Anime called Akira for inspiration.)
    let me decorate my own pad or living space.
    completely Destructable enviroments ! blowing shit up an leveling buildings to rubble. an then being able to invest in building projects ,or too tear down the rotting apartments and put in new shopping center or parking lot : D send in the solos to clear out the squatters yea yea. ( serious corp action there)
    speaking of which as a company man or corporate character. let me manage resources .
    let me decide if I want to take the risks to make profit and jump a head and pray that it doesn’t blow up in my face. . let me embezzle if I want too. or frame and black mail co workers or even have them assassinated.
    resource management . does he hire a full on solo team or single assassin for the job . maybe he can get a street thug on the cheap .
    resource management.
    heck do it like xcom ufo defence (great strategy game) let me choose what to build, what the geeks should be researching an what matterials do I need to attain to complete certain projects, how much security do I hire. what kinda gear do I buy for them . let me decide weather to cut my losses or send in the solos to recover an op.
    It would be really cool if as a corporate type I could direct the troops and resources I send in against other players in the game via an over head tactical map kind a thing where I can tell snipers where to set up have an av patrol the area while I direct what areas an what rooms my solo teams should be traveling too. I want to be able to set objectives for my squad and sit back an watch the action via helmet cam or Holo map.

    and based on my performance and difficulty of the project and how much money I make the company should affect my climb up the corporate ladder as I compete against other players or npc in the same company.
    let me choose if I want to play it dirty or nice.
    like they say some opportunities are found . others opportunities are created.
    like maybe im the corp who has his hands in a pharmaceutical company and bio weapons firm and develops a leathal plague that he unleashes on the unsuspecting public and then sells them the cure for a price of coarse. or maybe im the corp who is a hard worker and stand up guy that gets framed or knows too much. you know how it goes.
    so yea do it clean an get richly deserved rewards or do it dirty get the rewards and hope nobody finds out about it. ( but then that’s what cops and the media are for right)
    anyway corperations should be treated as living entities except that each body part seems to have its own intrests and goals.
    have a stock market. how the public views the company and how they deal with situations will greatly affect there stock and public image.
    I want the Sex drugs an rock n roll
    Drugs I want tripped out visual effects like in Far cry 3 but I want there to be a price for being an addict . the more drugs you do the more it damages your body it makes the players look withered amaciated and leather faced. the players missions become more an more about his or her desperate need to get more drugs. money if the player has it is automaticly spent on his or her next fix. if not then his or her next mission is to get more money to get more drugs.
    oh an before I forget if im going against cops give me the option to surrender and give myself up. Heck let me go to jail, go to court an then prison if convicted heck or I could end up getting brain danced depending on what kinda psycho the player has been playing. oh an if your a wanted criminal the cops should be able to raid the players home to arrest you an you can surrender or try to get away. unless you live in the combat zone of coarse.
    id like to be able to do more than just fighting and running and gunning.. go to the club dance get drunk get on stage as stripper. a sex worker lol … work out lift weights . learn a martial art . Customize your characters fighting style. MMA shoot fighting cages.
    I want to be able to completely interact with my inviroment. sitting in chairs eating and drinking food sleeping on beds. taking a shower washing hands. getting food out of your fridge, I loved the cooking in skyrim.
    Oh an don’t use my gamer tag for the name of my character. I allways hated that … when they ask me to name my character and when I get in the game all I see is my gamer tag floating over my head. in fact don’t do that … I don’t want too see names floating over head unless I want to… heck id rather a gamer scan my character for my gamer info. turns on the visual scanner boom you can see who is a player and whos not with only there character names floating over there head.
    the main reason I don’t want my gamertag to be known. reason number one ive allways hated when I play a game online, and I killed some one or someone killed me . Some jerk would send me hate messages or gloat an rub my face in it. its stupid so don’t do it.
    but yea thats what id like too see… I probably could say more but then you would have to give me a job. later.

  • Steven Diedesch

    It’s been mentioned a couple of times already, but I believe that Ghost in the Shell was probably the ultimate expression of cyberpunk, covering ideas of sociopolitical angst in an era where governments are necessarily outclassed by their own laws under the power of megacorporations, the slings and arrows of transhumanism, the deliciously interwoven, complicated political intrigue, the criminal underworld reflecting the state of technology, the philosophy, the sensuality, the complexity…

    I have faith that CDPR will be able to turn out something as cerebral as GitS but as playable as Mass Effect.

  • Implant507

    Primordia, anyone?

  • FoodForThought

    I’m all for taking the best elements of a genre and combining them into something that epitomizes that genre, but at the same time, in order to offer a competitive product, it’s good to not only be better than your predecessors, but different. Fill a new niche, rather than just fill the old one more completely.

    Who could imagine a cyberpunk future where there is no evil corporation? Corporations, like technology itself, are not evil by themselves. They’re just machines meant to facilitate efficient balance of supply and demand. They only become evil when the human element applies them that way. And let’s face it: Corporations don’t have a lot of power in and of themselves. They cannot force people to buy their product or service. This makes them difficult to corrupt unless a government starts mingling with them, trading legal favors for monetary ones.

    In fact, virtually every “evil corporation” in cyberpunk literature has never truly been a corporation; they’ve been either cronies in cahoots with a corrupt government, or they’ve taken over entirely and BECOME a corrupt government. Because governments have the power, and power corrupts.

    …What if you had a cyberpunk future where the corporations had no power?
    Where instead of the corporations taking over the government, the government takes over the corporations and dictates everything?
    Where industrial espionage is less of a spit in the eye to a competitor and more of a federal crime?
    Where making independent cybertech is considered less of an upstart competitor to be squashed and more of a threat to national or economic security that must be destroyed?
    Where your antagonist is not so much a company that may not survive the next recession, but a tyranny that has weathered countless coup attempts?

    …You tell me which antagonist is more tired, cliched, and stereotyped… and which one is novel, more daunting, and more believable.

  • Greg Reavis

    I really enjoyed the witcher games (can’t wait for the third one) and I really love Cyberpunk so I have high hopes for this to be good. It’s nice to see games they aren’t all call of explosive shooting gallery 26: jet pack boom boom. I think with this setting and a boss dev team like this. There is a good chance for a awesome hard core RPG.

  • Helmic

    A bit late, but I noticed your post about “rewarding you for killing a bunch of punks.” You’re missing a major part of the original quoted post, and without it you fall into the same trap DX:HR did.

    A lot of players, myself included, are completionists. Even if someone isn’t a completionist, they’re drawn by XP rewards. When there’s rewards for killing baddies, just sneaking past them is no longer an option. You’re encouraged to take every single one down, repetitively. This punishes stealth/pacifist players because they miss out on a major source of XP.

    What the original Deus Ex got right was that it ONLY gave you XP for completing objectives and finding secrets. It was entirely up to you whether you knocked out or killed every last baddie or just slipped past them, you weren’t punished by arbitrary missed opportunities

    To a lesser degree, the same goes for stealth XP: if you assign an XP reward to never being detected, then players who want to play the game like a shooter miss out on that XP. And for hacking XP, players who are smart enough to find out the passcode through legwork miss out. And pretty much any XP that demands the player play a certain way.

    Instead of assigning arbitrary rewards like XP, it’d be better to give realistic rewards for these actions. If you kill someone, you can take their stuff (you probably can’t carry everyone’s guns and they’re not likely carrying much on their person, but sometimes there’s a rich dude with a fancy gun in the wrong place at the wrong time). If you hack something, it might make sneaking through/fighting enemies easier. If you sneak through, you don’t expend resources like bullets and health. That way, the way the player approaches problems is based more on the player’s logical deductions (I need to conserve ammo, sneaking through here seems tough, I bet if I hack that door locked I can kill off this room of guards without worrying about their backup interfering) and should feel a lot more rewarding and liberating.

  • Simplicity


  • Tom

    I definitely think Cyberpunk 2077 would need to have an alternate virtual world to play in.
    “Snow Crash” precognized “Second Life” (but in a much cooler cyberpunky way), and it would be AWESOME to be able to live two separate lives in Cyberpunk 2077. One in the real World, and another one in the Metaverse. Make players able to achieve their xp or economic goals through the metaverse or through real means.
    I think something like this hasn’t been explored, at least deeply, in any game. Wouldn’t it be great for this, an upcoming masterpiece, to have such a unique element in it?

    I see the metaverse kind of what Tron or Tron Legacy cyberspace looks like, all black and neon lights.
    Your character could be a poor devil, almost incapable of fighting nor shooting nor anything physical, but when he or she enters the Metaverse, his hacking can get him/her wherever he wants to.

    Think about it! A game inside a game!

  • DomenicoAiroldi

    I hope will be developed a great story with charismatic characters and complex villains, with good boss fight. I’m confident the graphic will be great but many recent games fails to astonish the users with something more than special effects and are too stereotyped.

  • Chance

    The Secret World. Excellent ambience, character customization, and quests that are more than the typical “kill x bad guys”. Its an MMO, but has a good single player storyline.

  • Serge

    I’m sorry if I repeat someone’s comment already, but I just wanted to say that I always appreciated an evolving or changing character. For example, getting older, or new face features, like scars, start to progressively cover your body, as you take heavy damage. Limbs lost in a fight are getting replaced by robotic prosthetic limbs. Maybe upgrades that change body armor, face armor, etc.

  • Deus Vex

    My vision for the minute to minute gameplay mechanics are a mash-up of these 4 games. Splinter Cell Blacklist, Mass Effect, Gears of War and Rise of the Tomb Raider. All four are cover based 3rd person shooters and share many of the same features but each has it’s strong suit. Blacklist is damn near flawless when it comes to traversing from cover to cover unseen, Tomb Raider has the platforming and vertical gameplay nailed, Gears of War is the undisputed champion in the combat department, and Mass Effect has the cool power ups woven in the cover based gameplay. Take all 4 of these and combine them for the best cover shooter to date! After that formula is perfected place it in an open world like Metal Gear Solid the Phantom Pain, fill it with stuff to do like in Witcher 3, have a story as engaging as Mass Effect 1 & 2, and let us tackle everything like in Deus Ex (Combat, Stealth, Hacking, No combat) and you got yourself a game! Lol I know there is a lot more to it than that, but those few things are what I’m hoping for. At this point im, hundreds of hours into W3 and Cyberpunk has now become my most anticipated game in a VERY long time. Mass Effect 1 & 2 was my previous favorite games of all time not only because they were awesome but because they are also my favorite genre, Sci-Fi RPG. Witcher 3 managed to steal my heart and I dont even really care for the swords and magic genre! That being said, please CDPR take your time and deliver the worlds greatest Sci first rpg ever! Because clearly EA/Bioware is never going to do it again with Mass Effect. Maybe, but I doubt it….

  • Wertandrew

    I saw this a bit late, but here are a few ideas. Bit of disclaimer first: I will not only relate to cyber-punk games, as I feel its better to focus on specific elements of games rather than games with cyberpunk feel.

    Verticality. Only a few sci-fi cities have impressed me, but it always related to the fact whether the scenery was built vertical as much as horizontal. The usual case is that mini-maps do not allow for city-design to go too vertical and developers split vertical design into either stories or layers. I think since Cyperpunk 2077 wants to make a difference, you could brainstorm ideas like a 3D-mini map and vertical city design. I will reference Dex in this particular case, as well as NeoTokyo from Time Splitters 2, they both made me lose track of vertical movement and what was higher/lower than me. Machinarium is also a great example of vertical design. Vertical design also gives room for abilities that allow access to new areas otherwise inaccessible.

    Chaotic Complexity: Free-roam derives from the sentiment to feel free and have a range of options when you play. Organizing the game into layers, missions, sectors, systems and rules will reduce the feeling of freedom. The reason is that as soon as you know the system, you knows its limits and how to distinguish it from other systems. But what if you didn’t? What if I told you that the next corner on this alley will show you something you ‘ve never seen before? What if I told you that you next mission cannot be accomplished? What if the new house you bought to stay gets instanly destroyed even though you played a lot of the in-game currency to get it? The trick to good exploration and game-play is to have a system in place that looks chaotic to the eyes of the gamer, but it’s easy to track from your back-end. That will make elements of the same system feel new and fresh.

    Depth using Variety. A key to entertainment is to create sentiments to your player. What better way to create sentiments than to make the player feel part of the world? This can be achieved by story-telling and depth. Depth covers a lot of things, but the most common is the variety in content of the game. Say I had two games, one that had a medkit to replenish your health, and one that had beverages and food to replenish your health, which one would you prefer? Personally, I would like the latter, with each food/beverage affecting the player differently. Then, say you had two games again, one with food/drinks and one with branded food/drinks that have instances of the same food/beverage but on different brands, which one would you prefer more? Again, seeing new items and content feels refreshing, and focusing on great variety of items and pickups is what made Fallout series so popular. But it can be done better, branding is the key.

    Realism over usefulness. I appreciate games where the developers try to be realistic rather than make areas and content just to facilitate game-play. I don’t like games based on cities that only give you access to areas for a game-play reason (safe houses, repair stations etc) or to help a main mission of the game. If you want to truly make a player feel freedom, you need to create more venues that serve no reason but to facilitate the society if it was real. Pharmacies, libraries, cafeterias, underground clubs, residential areas, studios, a post office, a church and it goes on. Imagine a city where you could go inside every building and explore. That is why the Shenmue series became so popular and some players still claim Shenmue to be the leader in open-world exploration.

    Hope this helps a bit.

  • Planetar

    What makes unfrogetful game? Music!! Without it game is deaf. Please drag some good late synthwave/dreamwave artists init such as LazerHawk, Timecop1983, Mitch Murder to name few. It would be funtastic!