The first teaser trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 is now live!

The long-awaited video for Cyberpunk 2077 has finally arrived! You can watch it here in all its glory.

65 thoughts on “The first teaser trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 is now live!

    • the Moller M400 Skycar exists today though that company hit a financial brick wall. no one will insure them for a reasonable price to be able to do real demo of the skycar (insurance for planes is way more expensive than cars let alone a prototype plane that doesn’t decades of flights logged) and without a demo they can’t get investors so they can continue development.

  1. Not so keen on the soundtrack to be honest.
    Maybe it’s just me but this might have turned out better with some dark, futuristic-sounding, slow paced synthesizer ambience accompanying the visuals.

    Well, at least you didn’t jump on the brostep-bandwagon.

    •  You obviously haven’t seen the Cyberpunk 2077 title reveal video. the music in that might satisfy you a tad more.

    • I agree on the music.  It was a bit stomach-turning, really.  As an avid fan of cyberpunk and a rivethead, this is way in the opposite direction of what kind of music I would hope to find in something like this…

    • I actually thought the music worked quite well.  It fit the mood of the trailer while standing out as something different and memorable.  Electronic music might be prevalent in futuristic-themed games and films, but it’s not all that can exist in such a world.

      I found the trailer to be excellent all around, and it definitely got me interested in the game.

  2. I absolutely adore this trailer. I have watched it so many times (and I’m not the sort of person to keep rewatching a video over and over). I feel that it captures the feeling of a dystopian future so effectively and conveys it with such artistic flair. I love the opening of the eyes at the start, too.

    I fear that my expectations will be too high for this game now, and I’ll inevitably be disappointed when the graphics aren’t as good as they appear in the video… 🙁

    • I’m fairly certain it is pre-rendered. However, I’ve also heard that this is a “target render”, meaning that this is close to what they want the game itself to look like.

  3. This trailer gives the hope the game will be an awesome hardcore cyberpunk and not something bullshit.
    Greetings from Hungary.

  4. We what in game graphics, the teaser was fantastic, but honestly what wee need is a peek at how the game will look for real, in its engine.

    • Indeed we do, but keep in mind the release date is still years away so they’re not going to have any actual gameplay to show anytime soon.

  5. Anyway this scene would be great in the game, too, when the player gets too much hardware.
    For example the AI takes the control and massacres meatbags around him/her and the player takes the control back when hearing the police sirens.

    Or when checking the hardware catalog (It must be a catalog of course.) when he gets close to cyberpsychosis the killer hardwares and softwares should be more and more highlighted.
    It’s a good challenge to make the process of cyberpsyhosis detailed and give it the perfect mood.

  6. Extremly nice piece of artistic video as only our Oscar nominee Tomek Bagiński can elaborate.
    But please explain me what is the lady and bullets mechanics in here?
    If it  the lady is some kind of pleasure model android why such kind of armor present? If human with underskin armor plates her face should not look so pretty… You have put the bar with graphics really high. I am afraid that it would not be possible to produce something meaningfull with this resolution except of LA Noire style of game. As  said Cyberpunk is not about the graphics, at least it is not most important.

    • If this sticks close to classic Cyberpunk, the lady isn’t an android, but a person who thought it prudent to be bulletproof and pretty well armed.  The wisdom of such is controversial in this gameworld, as Night City, California isn’t precisely the safest place known to man.  On the other hand, well, Cybernetics Eat Your Soul.

    • Disagree about the graphics somewhat. “Style Over Substance” is a major consideration – in fact it is a driving force – in the Cyberpunk world.

  7. Cyberpsychosis, Psycho Squad, 6502 source code and lots of epic references. You got all of my fetishes covered. Well done.

  8. that’s a beautiful trailer,my question is what kind of hardware am i going to need to play this? quad sli video cards? i have a feeling this will be the new crysis test (when released crysis had requirements much higher than the average computer on the market at the time,forcing alot of people to upgrade to be able to play it making it a benchmark for high end computers).though that’s not a bad thing it means the game will last longer before the graphics start looking dated while the average off the shelf pc specs catch up to it

    •  I don’t think this will be an issue. The Witcher 2 scales remarkbly well and the developer’s experience with each project only helps the situation.

      Given the planned released window and current nextgen tech demos, it actually seems rather feasible to use this as target rendering, except for the hair… I still think those will be somewhat ‘blocky’

  9. This teaser really got me this time, because of its atmosphere. I played Deus ex 1-2 and the newest one as well, and a couple of other cyberpunk (like?) themed games such as Syndicate (the new one not the old one). Unfortunately I haven’t played the Witcher series mainly because It’s fantasy themed, but I heard from other reliable sources that It’s in fact a master piece.

    What I always missed about the first couple of Deus Ex games is that some of the implants didn’t make a difference how the character looked like or behaved (socially and psychologically).
    As I can see in this game, the implants will have an impact how the character behaves and looks like, which really got me, cause I sometimes thought about artificial limbs and how these can influence one’s life. The concept of going insane and then having a neural breakdown because of heavy modification to the human body is an interesting concept. I can only wonder, how the story will explain this.

    Maybe people go insane because, their unconscious being gets affected and slowly realizes that the “person”/thing he/she became, is more like a doll which doesn’t represent life and what remains is a lesser human?

    I also like the “brain dance” idea, brilliant, really. Bringing movies to the next level by fully reliving one’s experience is an interesting concept as well. If I’m not mistaken, this trailer showed us, that the girl who was sitting in the transport and she was actually reliving the scene we saw at the beginning of the teaser as the woman (actress with the pop-out blades) who got shot by the police force. The girl relived the whole situation in every detail and that’s why she got that scar on her face in end of the teaser.

    Also what Mr. Pondsmith told us about his idea of this game is very intriguing. The idea, that Mr. Pondsmith looks at the trends and technology today and tries to imagine with the smallest detail how things (society, architecture, electronic gadgets, weapons) would evolve as time passes is a brilliant idea, and probably requires a lot of thinking to make these things unique  and work well with this game. For example, if you look at the buildings, those are very similar to what we have in our time, only that other more hi-tech complexes are built on top of them. I also like the fact that, we won’t see any plasma weapons and laser pistols, cause those would be really far fetched (not even the newest nano-batteries would be capable of supporting such firepower, although the power of the artificial limbs is also a little bit questionable, hopefully it gets explained somehow).
    There are really a limited amounts of sci-fi games on the market which are supported with such great ideas and detail as this game.

    I wish you all the best developing this game, and I’ll be surely keeping an eye out for this gem.

    • No, being familiar with the Cyberpunk world, this seems like a textbook Psycho Squad deployment. She had too many enhancements and went psycho, but surrendered to the heavy duty police squad. Typically the offender must go through mandatory restorative surgery and intensive psychotherapy. Sometimes the MAXTAC squad recruits from the ranks of the apprehended once they complete their therapy; their experience being psychos themselves makes them effective.

  10. This is more than amaizing… This is something I was waiting for… Thanks to you I am glad to live in XXI  century.

  11. This is one of the most unique video game trailers I’ve ever seen. Freeze frozen shots abound throughout. if the trailer is any indication, this game promises to be one of the most unique video games ever created. This might even be for the next-gen.
    Then again, does Projekt Red make Console games ??? Awesome trailer !!!

  12. Any confirmation on whether this is in engine realtime, pre-rendered in engine, or just really quick and dirty pre-rendered? I see all kinds of aliasing, this is either Unreal 4/Luminous engine quality realtime, or low budget pre-rendered.

  13. what heck? still using bullets on 2077 should be using more advance form of railguns or gauss guns and lasers!

    • Directed energy weapons are a phenomenal pain in the ass, and they don’t scale down well

      Gauss weapons existed in Cyberpunk 2020, but hadn’t yet been scaled down to carbine size.  Those *might* be electrothermal, (in 2020, full auto and electrothermal were mutually incompatible – they overheat way too fast) but I’d have expected a bluer (hotter exhaust gas) muzzle flash (black body radiation).  Nanoformed, cubane-bearing gunpowders could, however, match the performance of electrothermal technology with “conventional” firearm construction.

      And like it or not, kinetics beat lasers for poking holes in things with armor.

    • Firearms of sorts have been around since 700AD (China) 14th century in Europe and apparently proved to be a costeffective way of murdering each other. I strongly doubt that this will change in the next 50 years. I mean the AK47 is still widely usedbecause it is cheap and gets the job done (propelling pointy things over a distance at great speed).

  14. Hah wspaniały trailer winszuję 😉 nawet gdybym miał pracować dla was za darmo nie wahał bym się ani trochę 😉

  15. The art direction is spot on, although I hope this is not a “night only” futuristic setting. Love decadence in broad daylight 🙂

  16. Can’t wait to see it in action… I’m even waiting with my PC upgrade investment to be certain that it will be sufficient for maximum performance!

  17. I am happy to see this game. I am a big fan from The witcher games ( happy to see witcher3), also i like cod 6, deus ex. I hope, this game will be great, same this trailer.

  18. I have been a fan of CD Projekt RED games for some time now. Can’t wait for Witcher 3 and now this. I like that you put of the release date for W3 to get all the bugs and glitches out. In the trailer for Cyberpunk 2077 it says “To be released when ready!” That would be a good Company motto! I wish “All game developers” thought that way! Keep up the great work!

  19. This trailer, when I first saw it, gave me goosebumps. I’m very impressed and excited to see what you bring us! Well done projektRed <3

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