Welcome to our new Cyberpunk blog!

I would like to write a few words of introduction. You probably have a lot of questions you want to ask us… Who are these people? Why did they decide to pick the Cyberpunk setting? What is driving them forward?
Let me go back in time for a moment. I first encountered Cyberpunk 2020 way back in elementary school when one of my older friends brought to school a handbook along with the Listen Up, You Primitive Screwheads!!!! Expansion. I was shocked. A future with giant corporations, implants, AI powered things. I immersed myself into that world right off the bat and spent countless hours playing the game with friends after school, I even skipped some classes to play it. If somebody told me then that I would be working on a video game set in this world…

I wouldn’t easily believe it, to say the least. If he then added that I would be working side by side with Mike Pondsmith, I would just laugh out loud. But guess what? It’s really happening! Now try to imagine how happy I am right now.
While still working on The Witcher 2, we started thinking about creating a huge RPG set in a Sci-Fi world. We wanted to take the universal values we used in the game about Geralt and show them from a different perspective. On top of that, we had plenty of ideas for features that couldn’t be implemented in The Witcher simply because they didn’t fit in the setting.

We were still commited to create a game for mature audiences that dealt with important, thought-provoking matters. We would put in place exactly what we’ve learned while creating The Witcher 2 with just one difference – the game would be set in the future. No elves, no dwarves and no magic.

Cyberpunk seemed like a really natural fit. Almost immediately we knew that this is the setting we wanted to adopt. After all, Cyberpunk 2020 is one of the most renowned pen & paper systems that ever existed. Soul in the machine. Running at the edge. Style over substance. We knew that this was what we were looking for. Our whole team is really feeling the Cyberpunk. We grew up on it. This is really important because we have a very difficult task at hand. We want to show this world from the perspective of the year 2077. Innovate, make it more attractive, expand – but at the same time we want to keep that characteristic style and soul from the original Cyberpunk 2020.

I want to assure you that we have a lot to say on this topic and will blog about it many times over the following months. How do we approach this project? How do we think? We want to share our thoughts with you right here. Right now you can find a very interesting article on some of the issues in adapting pen & paper mechanics in video games.

One last thing if I may… I wish everyone as much joy when playing our game as we are having creating it.

See you soon!

Mateusz Kanik Cyberpunk 2077 Game Director

  • Miraquel

    Great job guys!

  • Cyberpunk RPG + CD Projekt RED = Day one Purchase!

    •  No instant pre-order when announced!

      • Cyberbard

        People will come back through time-machines from 2077 just to buy this game!

    • Sablehawk

       Amen to that

    • Jacob Lahartinger

      I defintley have to agree here, CDProjektRed the ingenuity and genuine passion that is evident in all of your games makes me truly happy an open-world SCI-Fi is in your hands.

      Hands down one of my favorite developers and cant wait for this one!

  • collector’s edition,here i come!

  • Great art direction on this site. I love it. Looks 80’s and Sci-Fi at the same time. Great job.

  • All I ask for is Full-Fledged Free Roam over the entire world as it is uncovered, and jumping. 

  • Garram

    “No elves, no dwarves and no magic.”Let me remind you that: “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.”
    Now seriously.
    Don’t screw this game guys. With Witcher 2 you were already “running at the age” with disaster waiting to happen. So many mistakes :(. Wake up! 

  • A dream come true! Greetings from Brazil!

  • I…i…i think i just peed myself of pure joy

  • Wisdom000

    I have never wanted a game more than this in my life… When Saints Row 3 was anounced, I was almost this excited, but then the game hit and it was utterly dissapointing.  This game I know will not dissapoint.  I will ask that you do not make it a first person perspective game, because I want to see my character doing the cool badass things he does… not be limited to staring at a gun barrel or a pair of hands…

  • Serpentes420

    This is a match made in heaven for me. I love the cyberpunk genre, but the last time I really loved a game with a cyberpunk theme was Shadowrun on my Sega genesis.  Now to have a cyberpunk game made by THE best developer in the business.  I can’t wait, just, like a i begged in the top blog post, please make a console port.  

  • Flabluker

    cant wait too see the progress and play this game

  • Jason Naglic

    This is my most anticipated game at the moment. Having you guys behind this genre has me so hyped, can’t wait to see and hear more about it.

  • Pookinstone

    Yeah, This is going to be so much better than Deus Ex

  • Khitan

    *Died for a stroke*
    No seriously… Are you serious? A CP2020 setting based game? Collector’s edition here I come!

    Just one thing (already asked by somebody else): please, please, PLEASE make it a third person game… The possibility of actually see your character with the various implants doing bad-ass things is simply awesome!

  • Keyrock

    I’m eagerly anticipating what the fabulously talented team at CDProjektRED can do with a sandbox RPG.

  • E.S.

    I feel like this is a game that will inspire the next generation of game developers. Thanks for being one of the very few developers remaining that truly care about their fans.


    Bring it on!

  • MassaFX

    At the SF conference it was made clear fans would be getting drops of information. Can fans expect dialog between dev and us throughout the project? Also, Kudos to you on getting Mike to work with you guys! Wow! 

  • Wisdom000

    Please give us an actual forum soon… I am dying to have actual conversations with people about this game…

  • Sacha Jeftic

    JUST… as i didn’t play the witcher2 since it shamelessly released on xbox360 and not on ps3, i don’t wanna buy a new pc just for a game! SO…
    please guys, 3rd person view, ps3 release, huge open world, giant corporations to deal with, black markets to find special illegal implants, punk gangs ravaging areas, ETC!…

    i’ll get the collector then 999% certain

  • Wisdom000


  • FixinDixon

    I have only one request.  Just one.
    Please include the Chatsubo.  And please, in the corner, just behind the shadows that lurk around the pool table, just to the left of the plant pot that never quite died, please include the huddle of writers. 

  • Korhall

    Hello to every body. I’m very happy to know, that Your team will develop cyberpunk game. Good luck!

  • siimc